Expired: Barefoot Water Skin Shoes

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Barefoot Water Skin Shoes
$7.99 $30.99 (74% off)
Price drop! If you are someone like me who doesn't like the idea of stepping into water and not knowing what you could be stepping into, I have a solution for you! These Barefoot Water Skin Shoes are on sale for just $8.59 from Groupon and are worth every penny! These slip on water socks have all the benefits of water shoes without the bulkiness and only half of the weird looks you get when you wear traditional water shoes! They slip on and form to your foot (just like wearing a real sock) and are made to protect your feet while in the water. Try out a pair for yourself today! (Note: Consult the size chart located in their picture carousel before purchasing). More Info »
Claim Deal » Expired 08/09/18

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