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Expired Deals - Current 30yr Mortgage Rates with 0 Points – Current 30yr Mortgage Rates with 0 Points

I'm in the process of refinancing my house and have been checking interest rates daily. Below is a compilation of the banks I have been checking. For the most part, TD Bank has been one of the lowest rates without having to pay points / origination fees. Check out the calculators at to see if refinancing will save you money.
  • Artisans' Bank (DE)5.00% (No Points)
  • Chase Bank4.75% (1 Point)
  • Bank of America6.625% (No Points)
  • Indy Mac Bank5.125% (No Points)
  • TD Bank4.875% (No Points)
  • Wachovia4.875% (.75% Origination Fee)
  • Wells Fargo4.875% (1 Point)
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    Expired 03/17/09