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Cigar Page – 45% Off Boxes + 10 Free Cigars

Details Nub and cain fat ring premiums crushed by cigar page discount hammer! boxes are all yours 45% off shipped free. but that ain't all. with every box you'll get another 10 cigars free. that's a $79.88 value, gratis, and brings the total savings as high as 70% off!. more cigar page gold for my boys. nub and cain – you know about these chunky preemies already. they're flavorful, boutique beauties from the oliva family. one is a series of short and husky flavorbombs; the other an eye-opening stout shot of ligero. oliva as a factory is the 2nd largest tobacco grower in nicaragua and their esteli factory is one of the largest producers of handmade cigars in the world. i'd stack them up with just about any factory in terms of interesting blends, quality tobacco, and consistency of production. Get Coupon Expires 09/22/32
Cigar Page

Cigar Page – Up To 25% Off Fuente Boxes & Fivers

Details Arturo fuente cigars need no introduction. between their timeless classics like chateau series, hemingway, and sun growns, not to mention limited edition releases, fuente has been hanging around in rarified cigar air for a while. even with the array of other great brands and blends available today, they still hold their own. you'll almost never see them on sale, with one exception: here at da page and the shipping's gratis to boot. dip your snout in the trough and have your fill. Get Coupon Expires 12/08/32