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The 1987 box-office blockbuster Moonstruck raked in over $80 million dollars. Other than the outstanding cast, featuring the likes of Cher and Nicholas Cage, Moonstruck is well known and loved for the food scenes in the movie. The film is "full" of Italian cooking and eating, but some fans specifically rave over the scene where Olympia makes the bird's nests out of thick slices of Italian bread with a hole in the middle for the fried egg. The movie was part of the motivation for the eponymous Moonstruck Diner. The menu is chock-full of variety, but the most popular dishes are the salads served with hot and delicious toasted pita. Take note of the glow of the tiling and d├ęcor while dining in the restaurant-when the moon hits your eye, that's amore.

Moonstruck - 88 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003
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