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Frank Jones Corner

Mississippi is steeped in strong culture and rich heritage. To be one of "us" is to have a keen sense of a few things: 1. Good Food, 2. Good Music, 3. Good people. Our menu at Frank Jones Corner has a delicious blend of deep south staples. Big, mouth-watering burgers with caramelized onions. Hot, crispy crab cakes with fresh aioli on toasted sourdough bread served with your choice of fried cheese grits, fresh cut onion rings, sweet potato fries or fresh cut fries (with or without chili and cheese) top the menu. Daily lunch and dinner specials include fresh tossed pastas and salads, seasonal seafood dishes and homemade desserts. We fill your good food needs. The newest venue for live music is one of the oldest in town. Built as a filling station in 1923, Frank Jones Corner is listed in the national Register of Historic places. In its past, 303 North Farish has been a lot of things not the least of which was Fields Cafe where it served as a platform for new and existing musicians a

Frank Jones Corner - 303 North Farish Street Jackson, MS 39202
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