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Flying Biscuit Cafe

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Delia Champion, founder of The Flying Biscuit Cafe, daydreamed about opening a neighborhood café for years. The night before opening day, the Biscuit-eers gathered around a table in their freshly painted dining room, to plan their first batch of biscuits. Delia asked, "How many biscuits should we make tomorrow morning?"The baker figured she had 10 friends who would stop by. Other Biscuit-eers thought they could round up 15 guests each. Delia figured she had a dozen or so former co-workers, from her server days, who might show up...if they weren't too tired. "And," Delia said, "We should make a few extra...a total of 90 should be plenty...we don't want to have too many left over."The next morning at 7am, The Flying Biscuit Cafe served its inaugural breakfast. Customers got their first taste of those now-famous, enormous, sugar-sprinkled, "flying" biscuits. The first batch of biscuits sold out by 11am, and The Flying Biscuit had to close the doors for the day, wondering if 120 bis

Flying Biscuit Cafe - 3515 Northside Pkwy Atlanta, GA 30327
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