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Ethiopian Cottage Restaurant

Why we named our restaurant Ethiopian Cottage: A cottage is a small traditional house in rural Ethiopia. It is beautiful, cozy, and creates an atmosphere of love and friendliness. Up to our modern age, where people started living in high-rise apartments, ancient Ethiopians who created the country's rich history, unique traditions and culture and gave civilization to the world were Cottage dwellers. One of the Ethiopian traditions that is unique and not widely known to the outside world is Ethiopian traditional food eaten with fingers. Even though the meticulously slow process of cooking to perfection is somewhat time-consuming, and the blending of various exotic spices into the enticing sauces, "Wat" requires excellent cooking talent, we feel we are up to that task and ready to bring the secret cooking of the Ethiopian Cottage to the heart of Milwaukee, and to introduce Ethiopian traditional food. We are certain that the Ethiopian Cottage Restaurant will be successful in introduc

Ethiopian Cottage Restaurant - 1824 Farwell Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202
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