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Copper Chimney

Indian Cuisine has benefited from a number of food influences; Central Asian, Arabia, the Mughal Empire, Persia and Britain have had fundamental effects on the ingredients and techniques of Indian Food. The Mughal Empire introduced an assortment of non-vegetarian elements, including kebabs and rich gravies, and promoted the addition of fruits such as apricots and melons. One of the most notable dishes attributed to the Islamic rule is biryani - a dish based on basmati rice, meat spiced and saffron. Later on the Portuguese and British introduces "New World" ingredients potatoes, tomatoes, and chilies - which are now used in many curries, such a chicken vindaloo. In addition to outside influences, Indian Cuisine varies from region to region, reflecting the ethically diverse subcontinent.Copper Chimney embraces the various influences of Indian Cuisine alongside the country's culture and traditions. We aim to retain the traditional flavors that are deeply revered, accentuating them with

Copper Chimney - 18090 Collins Ave Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
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