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Cobo Joe's Coupon - $10 Gift Certificate for $4

It's a stone's throw away from Cobo Hall and a short walk from Joe Louis Arena. Thus, the appropriately named Cobo Joe's is a suitable launching pad for excursions to either venue. The walls are filled with pictures of past or current players and are visible from every view. A dance floor is located at the front of the bar, with a pool table and dartboards at the rear. A big-screen TV is mounted at a central spot so the game is visible from any angle.The pre-game crowd is both large and loud when the Red Wings are in town, and best thing about being at Cobo Joe's on hockey nights is its proximity to the arena -- in other words, no shuttles, no parking structures, no problems. It's not just about hockey; Cobo Joes is a great place for weekday lunch with great selections on specialty pizza, generously sized sandwiches and burgers.

Cobo Joe's - 422 West Congress Detroit, MI 48226
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