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Cedars Restaurant

Info for restaurant description - Cedars Restaurant_Philadelphia_PA In a historic building replete with Middle Eastern decor, the custom continues here at Cedars Restaurant where award-winning and authentic dishes are freshly prepared. Come enjoy the unique dining experience and discover the trememdous ambience, friendly service, great Middle Eastern wines, and moderate prices. If you're tired of mediocre Middle Eastern fare presented in less-than-appealing surroundings, Cedars Restaurant is the obvious step up. With exposed-brick walls, Persian rugs, and high ceilings, the space here reminds you more of an English manor house than a desert palace, but the food puts you in the right geographic state (not to mention gastronomic). Cedar's Restuarnt menu is extensive, especially in the meatless area, giving vegetarians their fair share of choices. Avoid a lot of decision-making and order the "mazza," a large sampler plate. With more than enough hummus, baba ghannooj, stuffed grape

Cedars Restaurant - 616 South 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19147
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