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Bombay Bistro

Bombay, The Gateway to India. Then. As now. During the days of the British Raj, it was the first port of call for steamships touching India. It reigned over the Bombay Province with the same verve and vigor which endures today. The Bombay Province included Sind (now in Pakistan), Gujarat, Hyderabad-Deccan, the district of Karnataka and the towns bordering Goa. It was an age of elegance, of sunlit days and starry nights, imbued with the ceremony of empire and a graciousness characteristic of the time. It was an age of grand dinners known as Burra Khanas, of Shikars and cold weather tours and Khansamas, or expert cooks, who produced an astonishing variety of English food and traditional Indian dishes in Dak bungalows. Above all, it was an age which witnessed a spectacular intermingling of peoples, cuisines, customs and traditions. Indian cuisine can be enjoyed as much during the cooking process as during meal time. The aroma from cooking spices, herbs, onions and garlic creates the best

Bombay Bistro - 10710 Research Blvd #126 Austin, TX 78759
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