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Blarney South

The Blarney Stone in all its glory is a famous Irish relic that has been surrounded by legend and history for hundreds of years. It came to be known after an upset in the tribal leadership that had ruled the South of the country for generations. A plan was devised by the people to oust the tyrant and it fell into the hands of one of the locals who worked as the culinary advisor to the King Caolmhin Pa. The rebel obtained his provisions in Frankie Nolan's pantry on Shandon Street and spiced a chicken sandwich with such ferocity and vulcanity that it was sure to render the tyrant king useless. The tyrant tried the culinary masterpiece and after a few moments, fell to the ground in ecstasy. He had never tasted anything like this in his entire life. Thus began the reversal of control that turned a once evil and heartless ruler into a humble servant. The Blarney Stone was finally returned to its rightful owners. Or so they say…! The Blarney Restaurant combines old world tradition and atmo

Blarney South - 328 South St Philadelphia, PA 19147
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