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Bangkok City - Boston

In Thailand, there are two clearly distinctive cooking traditions: the authentically local Thai style with its many regional varieties and an International style developed to please the tourists and businessmen who come from nearby Asian countries. The International style is heavily influenced by Indian and Chinese cooking, and dishes often contain curries and cocoanut milk. The countryside cooking tradition consists of dishes that often take longer to prepare and contain ingredients that we had never tasted before. When Thai restaurants began to spring up in greater numbers in the U.S., a third tradition appeared: many local Thai restaurants feature dishes that are very sweet, with lots of refined sugar and other sweet flavors added. You won't find dishes from this tradition at Bangkok City. Since we try to eat a healthy diet, the absence of excess sugar is a major plus. You will find a large variety of authentically prepared dishes in the local and international styles. They are abso

Bangkok City - Boston - 167 Mass Ave Boston, MA 02115
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