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Bangkok Bangkok Coupon - $25 Gift Certificate for $10

Thai cuisine is designed to stimulate and excite the five taste senses: sweet, sour, hot, salty and neutral. Incorporating the culinary traditions of its Chinese forebearers and Indian neighbors, its unique flavors depend on certain ingredients native to Southeast Asia. Fresh coriander leaf and root, lemon grass, the fresh leaf and peel of the Kaffir lime, kha root (a cousin of ginger with a milder bouguet) and the hottest chillies in the world make Thai dining a unique experience. We use fresh lime juice to bring out the natural flavor and fruit sugars for sweetening. Based on rice, the typical main meal includes curry, stir-fried dishes and soup. Tastes within a dish as well as within a meal are carefully blended to stimulate each of the fine taste sensations. Bangkok Bangkok is delicated to the presentation of authentic Thai cooking, and we have not made adjustments in the chilli content of our fare. To enjoy traditional Thai cooking at its best you should stimulate your taste buds

Bangkok Bangkok - 12584 N. Kendall Drive Miami, FL 33183
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