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Sushi Palace Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of Japanese Cuisine at Sushi Palace

$20 $40 at Sushi Palace - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/15/15

Rolling in cash or rolling in the aisles are both exciting ways to spend an evening, but at Sushi Palace, their lucky seafood gets to spend its time being rolled...

Vinifera Inn Coupons

Finger Lakes Inn + Dining Credit & Wine at Vinifera Inn

$199 $354 at Vinifera Inn - Living Social - Expires 03/11/15

Enjoy the view of Seneca Lake from Belhurst Castle's grounds, plus treats like an in-room Jacuzzi, gas fireplace, bottle of wine, and dining credit. The Destination ...

Northfield Music Coupons

2 or 4 Private Music Lessons at Northfield Music

$70 $100 at Northfield Music - Living Social - Expires 05/22/15

Learn to play the songs and musical styles you love with help from the professional music instructors at this long-standing Pittsford music hub: • $70 ($100 value)...

Canandaigua Fishing Coupons

Half-Day Fishing Trip for 1, 2, or 3 at Canandaigua Fishing

$130 $225 at Canandaigua Fishing - Living Social - Expires 05/22/15

Fishing on the Finger Lakes for the past 20 years, guide Paul Nagel knows all the best spots and can help you master vertical jigging or trolling on Canandaigua Lake:...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Indian Cuisine at RAJ MAHAL

$15 $30 at RAJ MAHAL - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/05/15

Like a bowl of potpourri, great Indian cuisine combines disparate and varied herbs, spices and high-end produce to create an aromatic, savory blend. Dining at Raj Mahal also has this...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at ALLOCO'S RESTAURANT

$10 $20 at ALLOCO'S RESTAURANT - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/05/15

Frozen pizza should be against the law, especially when the cardboard box it came in tastes better than the actual pizza!  Order the real deal—the fresh-baked, delicious, cheesy pie...


$20 for $40 Worth Of Casual Dining at GREAT NORTHERN PIZZA 2

$20 $40 at GREAT NORTHERN PIZZA 2 - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/17/15

From high up on the mountain, a lone traveler descended with fantastic news: he had spelunked the Cave of Great Secrets and emerged as the sole scholar of its teachings....


$45 For 5 Ultra Car Washes (Reg. $90) at BUCKMANS CAR WASH

$45 $90 at BUCKMANS CAR WASH - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/16/15

After accumulating an otherworldly supply of dirt, grime and salt on the outside, your car has had it up to its dipstick with your negligent treatment. A trip to Buckmans...


$20 For $40 Of Casual Dining at GREAT NORTHERN PIZZA KITCHEN

$20 $40 at GREAT NORTHERN PIZZA KITCHEN - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/17/15

Much like speeches, movies and golf attire, pizza should never be boring. Avoid culinary apathy with this offer from Great Northern Pizza, good for $40 worth of pizza, sandwiches and... Coupons

Two Movie Tickets and More at

$13 $24 at - Living Social - Expires 03/26/15

With this offer from, you'll score a true cinema experience for less: • $13 ($24 value) for 2 tickets and 2 small popcorns at The Little...

Theratopia Spa Coupons

One-Hour Massage with Heat Therapy at Theratopia Spa

$49 $120 at Theratopia Spa - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

Let this talented team of licensed pros at this Fairport spa treat you to an afternoon of pampering any Tuesday through Saturday with this deal: • $49...

4 Paws Waste Removal Coupons

Pet-Waste Removal Services at 4 Paws Waste Removal

$16 $32 at 4 Paws Waste Removal - Living Social - Expires 09/03/15

Cat and dogs can leave quite a mess in the yard. Rather than scooping all that poop yourself, hand the job to a team that'll will arrive once a week...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at RIDGEVIEW FAMILY RESTAURANT

$10 $20 at RIDGEVIEW FAMILY RESTAURANT - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Family dining is preferred over family driving by a large margin, mostly thanks to the lack of repeated questions like, “Are we there yet?” and “Wasn’t Grandpa with us earlier?” ...

Dee Marie Photography Coupons

Newborn or Family Photo Session at Dee Marie Photography

$76 $255 at Dee Marie Photography - Living Social - Expires 09/21/15

With a passion for photography that spans most of her lifetime, Dee of Dee Marie Photography is an expert at bringing out smiles and putting her subjects at ease: ...

Bodymind Float Center Coupons

One 45-Minute Adult Salt Room Session at Bodymind Float Center

$14 $25 at Bodymind Float Center - Living Social - Expires 10/05/15

These professionals infuse the air with pharmaceutical-grade sodium chloride -- otherwise known as table salt -- to create a therapy designed to potentially help reduce symptoms related to chronic and...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at TANTALO'S PIZZERIA

$10 $20 at TANTALO'S PIZZERIA - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

In just the same way Grandma knew how to make the best lasagna and pinch the dickens out of adorable faces, Tantalo’s knows the perfect pie takes more than a...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Cheesesteaks & More at PHILLY STEAKOUT

$10 $20 at PHILLY STEAKOUT - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

While all roads may lead to Rome, all food cravings lead to South Philadelphia.  Since you don’t have the time or the budget for gasoline to make constant trips to...

Pane Vino Coupons

$20 for $40 Worth Of Italian & American Cuisine at Pane Vino

$20 $40 at Pane Vino - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

While Italians prefer their cars fast, sleek and with a convertible top, their cuisine is decidedly something to savor slowly, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.  ...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at GRAYSON'S INN

$15 $30 at GRAYSON'S INN - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Not sure if you want a casual night out or something a little more formal? Grayson's Inn has you covered either way!  Enjoy a fantastic meal in the casual,...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at GOLDEN PONDS

$15 $30 at GOLDEN PONDS - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

You wouldn’t paint your entire house just one color. You wouldn’t bring just one CD on a long car ride. You certainly wouldn’t limit yourself to one clean pair of...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at COLIE'S CAFE

$15 $30 at COLIE'S CAFE - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Like your own child, you want a menu to surprise you with its innovation and creativity. Unlike your own child, you want a restaurant menu to boast of its freshness. ...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at BATHTUB BILLYS

$10 $20 at BATHTUB BILLYS - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Just like all good writers worth their salt will go through multiple drafts of a story, patrons of sports bars would do well to go through several draughts during their...

Roam Cafe Coupons

$25 to Spend on Bistro-Style Fare at Roam Cafe

$15 $25 at Roam Cafe - Living Social - Expires 03/16/15

More than 1,400 Facebook likes! One happy patron raved: "... best steak I've had in a while." Discover a new favorite and roam around a delicious dining...