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Royal Wash Coupons ROCHESTER, NY Deals

$45 For 5 Royal Wash Plus + Car Washes, With Hot Wax (Reg $90) at Royal Wash

$45 $90 at Royal Wash - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/18/14

With everything else you need to do, cleaning that old bucket of bolts—that’d be your car—may not be high on your list of priorities. But the old adage is true: The best way to keep your car looking new is keeping it clean. Look at ...

Quality Home Cleaning Coupons New York, NY Deals

Two Hours of House Cleaning at Quality Home Cleaning

$50 $100 at Quality Home Cleaning - Living Social - Expires 08/26/14

When your home is in need of a little pick-me-up, look no further than this Monroe-based cleaning company, which boasts more than 20 years of experience and an A rating from the BBB: • $50 ($100 value) for two hours of house clea...

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Charlotte Tavern Coupons Rochester, New York Deals

Tavern Food at Charlotte Tavern (Up to 50% Off)

$15 $30 at Charlotte Tavern - Groupon - Expires 08/01/14

Taking a trip to the pub is the best way to catch up on neighborhood gossip—even better than tapping neighbors' phone lines or getting into their homes under the guise of a phone-tapping-removal specialist. Get in the know with th...

Colombini's Deli Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at Colombini's Deli

$10 $20 at Colombini's Deli - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/10/14

Like putting a winter blanket back into the closet for the summer, folding a slice of pizza helps it fit into your mouth, plus keeps it away from kids hoping to make a sofa fort. Pack away some big savings with this DoubleTake Dea...

Pet Friendly Coupons Hilton , NY Deals

$50 For $100 Toward Any Pet Salon And Day Care Services at Pet Friendly

$50 $100 at Pet Friendly - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/10/14

Best friends can be fleeting. Like in kindergarten, when you and that girl whose name you’ve long forgotten were attached at the hip, until you accidentally broke her favorite red crayon. Show your furever best friend how much you...

Sushi Palace Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$10 For $20 Worth Of Japanese Cuisine at Sushi Palace

$10 $20 at Sushi Palace - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/10/14

Rolling in cash or rolling in the aisles are both exciting ways to spend an evening, but at Sushi Palace, their lucky seafood gets to spend its time being rolled in sushi rice and presented as culinary artistry. You’ll be rolling ...

Fairport Hots Coupons Fairport, NY Deals

$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at Fairport Hots

$10 $20 at Fairport Hots - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/10/14

Much like zippy roadrunners, a spicy dog can stimulate your taste buds - as long as ornery coyotes aren’t trying to snatch your plate. Sizzle up some savings with this DoubleTake Deal, and get $20 worth of casual dining at Fairpo...

Westridge Hots Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at Westridge Hots

$10 $20 at Westridge Hots - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/10/14

Like a mother tucking her son in for the evening, the flames at Westridge Hots gently kiss the tender meats cooking on the grill for a peaceful, dreamy culinary experience. You’ll smooch some savings when you visit them with this Do...

Classic  Billiard  and Sports Bar Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at Classic Billiard and Sports Bar

$15 $30 at Classic Billiard and Sports Bar - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/07/14

Nothing brings neighbors together like carnivals, overturned armored trucks and Classic Billiard & Sports Bar; get to know your fellow townsfolk while enjoying classic pub fare, playing pool on all-new billiard tables, catching the ...

Penfield Sport & Fitness Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Two-Month or Family Swim Weekend Membership at Penfield Sport & Fitness

$49 $140 at Penfield Sport & Fitness - Living Social - Expires 07/14/15

For more than 35 years, this Rochester health club has provided its members with a state-of-the-art facility, personal training, and fitness classes. Get access to its pool, knowledgeable instructors, and more with this offer: • ...

Aquaholicks Coupons Canandiauga, NY Deals

Flyboard Flight for 1, 2, or 4; or Group Party at Aquaholicks

$99 $200 at Aquaholicks - Living Social - Expires 08/02/14

As a kid you dreamed of soaring through the sky with magical powers of flight -- well, you may not be able to soar past the 15 meter mark, but you can experience the exhilarating sensation of flight with this deal: • $99 ($200 va...

Accents Salon Coupons Fairport, NY Deals

Gel Manicure with Option For Paraffin Treatment at Accents Salon

$20 $40 at Accents Salon - Living Social - Expires 07/09/15

Serving the area for nearly 30 years, this full-service salon features a trusted team of nail technicians and stylists always happy to provide a beauty pick-me-up: • $20 ($40 value) for a one-hour gel manicure • $27 ($55 value) ...

Meetra's Spa Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Threading Sessions or $50 Toward Spa Services at Meetra's Spa

$19 $40 at Meetra's Spa - Living Social - Expires 07/31/14

Head to this chic -- and sleek -- spa, sit behind a funky green wall and in front of a zebra-print rug, and then give your eyebrows and upper lip over to a beauty professional: • $19 ($40 value) for two threading sessions for the...

Blue Ocean Coupons Rochester , NY Deals

$10 For $20 Worth Of Sushi & Japanese Cuisine at Blue Ocean

$10 $20 at Blue Ocean - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/08/14

If you love sushi, then you won’t want to miss this chance to appease your cravings at Blue Ocean Japanese Restaurant. With this DoubleTake Deal, you will receive $20 worth of mouthwatering sushi and Japanese cuisine. Blue Ocean ...

ACME Recording Company Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Two or Four Hours of Recording Time & CDs at ACME Recording Company

$49 $99 at ACME Recording Company - Living Social - Expires 08/04/14

Securing a small gig at the neighborhood bar is certainly an honor, but to truly solidify your professional sound you'll need to record a CD using quality equipment and help from experienced professionals: • $49 ($99 value) for t...

FitClass Studio Coupons Fairport, NY Deals

Ten Small Group Training Classes at FitClass Studio

$60 $120 at FitClass Studio - Living Social - Expires 08/23/14

Nestled in a convenient Fairport location along Turk Hill Road, this fitness hub features one-hour small-group classes most days of the week with stellar instructors: • $60 ($120 value) for ten small group training classes • Mi...

Shear Support & Style Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$25 For $50 Toward Salon Or Esthetics Services at Shear Support & Style

$25 $50 at Shear Support & Style - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/26/14

Like a perfect summer day, Dawn Marie’s Shear Support & Style lifts your spirits, puts some extra bounce in your step and leaves you feeling refreshed and beautiful. Show the world the sunny, sleek and sexy side of you with this Dou...

Critics on The Mall Coupons ROCHESTER, NY Deals

$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at Critics on The Mall

$10 $20 at Critics on The Mall - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/26/14

Family dining is preferred over family driving by a large margin, mostly thanks to the lack of repeated questions like, “Are we there yet?” and “Wasn’t Grandpa with us earlier?” Slow down, take a break and don’t worry about keepin...

Buckmans Car Wash Coupons Greece, NY Deals

$45 For 5 Ultra Works Car Washes (Reg. $90) at Buckmans Car Wash

$45 $90 at Buckmans Car Wash - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/26/14

After accumulating an otherworldly supply of dirt, grime and salt on the outside, your car has had it up to its dipstick with your negligent treatment. A trip to Buckmans Car Wash can go a long way toward mending the important rel...

Davinci Italian Restaurant Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$15 For $30 Worth Of Italian Cuisine at Davinci Italian Restaurant

$15 $30 at Davinci Italian Restaurant - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/26/14

Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci is one of the world’s most accomplished geniuses, but perhaps his greatest gift to humanity was devising the mathematical formula that provided the perfect cheese to marinara sauce ratio on a lar...

TLC Massage Center Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$30 For 1-Hour Massage (Reg. $60) at TLC Massage Center

$30 $60 at TLC Massage Center - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/26/14

Your back, much like the Sequoias of California, is feeling knotty and in need of a break from inconsiderate tourism. Revel in repose with a 1-hour massage at TLC Massage Center valued at $60 using this DoubleTake Deal. True to...

B & G Pizza & Panini Coupons Fairport, NY Deals

$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Italian Dining at B & G Pizza & Panini

$10 $20 at B & G Pizza & Panini - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/26/14

There are a few things better than a soft layer of bubbling cheese atop of a thick, deep, red sauce, all residing on a one-of-a-kind homemade crust. Since 1955, B&G Pizza & Panini has been attacking pie cravings head on, leaving not...

Rochester Holistic  Center Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$45 For A 90-Minute Massage (Reg. $90) at Rochester Holistic Center

$45 $90 at Rochester Holistic Center - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/26/14

The perfect massage is one of those things that’s hard to describe, like a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster or Aunt Ida’s hair after she left the chemicals on ten tads too long. However, you won’t be miserly with your descriptors...

Colie's Cafe Coupons Victor, NY Deals

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at Colie's Cafe

$15 $30 at Colie's Cafe - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/26/14

Like your own child, you want a menu to surprise you with its innovation and creativity. Unlike your own child, you want a restaurant menu to boast of its freshness. Come see how Colie’s Cafe continues “Colie” Linehan’s legacy of ...

Sun Tan City Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$25 For $50 Toward Any Tanning Products Or Service at Sun Tan City

$25 $50 at Sun Tan City - Double Take Deals - Expires 08/26/14

Ancient civilizations had many solar deities: the Egyptians had Ra, the Germans had Sol, the Greeks had Apollo; today we call these gods UVA and UVB. Come in, and make tribute before the bright altar of cosmetically altering fluor...

Samarra Massage Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

One-Hour Massage Package with Hot Stones & More at Samarra Massage

$59 $125 at Samarra Massage - Living Social - Expires 12/18/14

Make your tension, aches, and pains a thing of the past with this deal from Samarra Massage: • $59 ($125 value) for a one-hour full-body massage package • Includes hot stone therapy, steamed towels, and aromatherapy • Soothing ...

Dalton Chiropractic Coupons Rochester,, NY Deals

Chiropractic Adjustment and Massage Packages at Dalton Chiropractic

$59 $175 at Dalton Chiropractic - Living Social - Expires 10/06/14

Dr. Dalton brings a personal touch to traditional chiropractic care, offering individualized treatments designed to bring drug-free relief to backs and joints: • $59 ($175 value) for a chiropractic package and a 30-minute massage...

Mandarin Sushi & Grill Coupons Rochester, New York Deals

$16 for $30 Worth of Sushi and Grilled Food at Mandarin Sushi & Grill

$16 $30 at Mandarin Sushi & Grill - Groupon

For years, European merchants searched for a direct route to Asia, eventually burrowing through the earth and accidentally rediscovering Luxembourg. Quell your own inner rumblings with this Groupon. The Deal $16 for $30 worth of ...

Red Oak Golf Range Coupons Murray, NY Deals

Swing Analysis, Video Recording & Bucket of Balls at Red Oak Golf Range

$44 $88 at Red Oak Golf Range - Living Social - Expires 10/01/14

Spending hours on the green will surely help your game -- but to truly focus on your form, technique, and precision, you'll need this offer from Red Oak Golf Range: • $44 ($88 value) for a one-hour golf swing analysis • Includes...

Landmark Society of Western New York Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Membership to a Local Historic Society at Landmark Society of Western New York

$35 $70 at Landmark Society of Western New York - Living Social - Expires 08/16/14

You've always wondered about the statue on the top of that tower; the layout of those swank downtown apartments; and the perks of living in a revamped warehouse. Join the Landmark Society of Western New York to speculate no more: ...

Joke Factory Comedy Club Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Two Comedy Show Tickets at Joke Factory Comedy Club

$10 $20 at Joke Factory Comedy Club - Living Social - Expires 12/29/14

This comedy spot -- located inside The Holiday Inn Rochester Airport -- offers a wide range of acts sure to tickle anyone's funny bone: • $10 ($20 value) for two comedy show tickets • Acts include nationally recognized comedians...

Skincare By Juli Rose Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

One or Three Microdermabrasions at Skincare By Juli Rose

$50 $100 at Skincare By Juli Rose - Living Social - Expires 09/26/14

This esthetician seeks to treat skin damage and leave your visage feeling soft and fresh with a microdermabrasion, which will slough the outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal a radiant complexion: • $50 ($100 value) for a micr...

Quick Fit Coupons Fairport, NY Deals

One Month of Unlimited Fitness Classes at Quick Fit

$49 $120 at Quick Fit - Living Social - Expires 08/25/14

At this Fairport fitness outfit, you'll have plenty of dynamic classes to choose from -- including Pilates, kickboxing, yoga, and more -- taught by skilled and motivating instructors: • $49 ($120 value) for a month of unlimited f...

Tandoor Flame Coupons Webster, New York Deals

Indian Food at Tandoor Flame (50% Off). Two Options Available.

$15 $30 at Tandoor Flame - Groupon

Naan is hard to resist due to its soft, fluffy texture and the way that saying its name forces you to open your mouth as wide as you can. Give in to naan with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $15 for $30 worth of Indian f...

Ultimate Beauty Laser Spa Coupons Fairport, NY Deals

Three Microcurrent, IPL, or Laser Facials at Ultimate Beauty Laser Spa

$220 $600 at Ultimate Beauty Laser Spa - Living Social - Expires 09/05/14

At this high-end laser spa, a comforting staff uses technologically advanced equipment to help restore your smooth-skin confidence and fit your needs. Find your flawless visage with this offer: • $220 ($600 value) for three micro...

Studio D Hair Design Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Brazilian Blowout, Haircut, or Highlights at Studio D Hair Design

$99 $300 at Studio D Hair Design - Living Social - Expires 09/16/14

With convenient parking, talented professionals, and a top-notch loyalty program, this successful salon has no trouble keeping clients happy with their 'dos and with above-and-beyond customer service: • $99 ($300 value) for a Bra...

Plum House Coupons Rochester, New York Deals

Japanese Cuisine for Two or Four at Plum House (Up to 50% Off)

$18 $30 at Plum House - Groupon

Taking a pal to dinner is an easier way to show them that you care than tattooing their name on your face or ceding all your property rights to their family. Keep things low-key with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $18...

Yummy Hot Pot and Grill Coupons Rochester, New York Deals

$11 for $20 Worth of Asian Dinner Cuisine at Yummy Hot Pot and Grill

$11 $20 at Yummy Hot Pot and Grill - Groupon

The best part about eating Chinese food is the confidence that comes when more than one billion people tacitly support your culinary decision. Eat with the in crowd with this Groupon. The Deal $11 for $20 worth of Asian food for ...

Chiropractic Health & Acupuncture Coupons Penfield, NY Deals

Massage, Chiropractic Adjustment, and Exam at Chiropractic Health & Acupuncture

$40 $200 at Chiropractic Health & Acupuncture - Living Social - Expires 09/11/14

Help correct physical imbalances and improve energy flow with massage therapy and chiropractic care: • $40 ($200 value) for a one-hour massage, chiropractic adjustment, and exam • Dr. Steve Sadlon has been practicing acupunctu...

Toughspot Cleaners Coupons Pine Meadow, CT Deals

2-Hour House Cleaning Session at Toughspot Cleaners

$59 $120 at Toughspot Cleaners - Living Social - Expires 08/22/14

As anyone who's been in a tough spot can tell you, it helps to have some muscle on your side -- especially when you're facing years of accumulated dirt and grime. Get these hard-hitting cleaners in your corner with this offer: • ...

Jnl Remodeling Coupons Howard Beach, NY Deals

Consultation + $200 Toward Flooring Installation at Jnl Remodeling

$125 $250 at Jnl Remodeling - Living Social - Expires 09/03/14

Say goodbye to scuff marks and say hello to brand-new shiny floors with this deal: • $125 ($250 value) for a consultation and $200 to spend on flooring installation • Choose hardwood, laminate, tile, engineered, or hardwood for ...

Rochester Air Center Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Introductory Flight Package for One at Rochester Air Center

$95 $190 at Rochester Air Center - Living Social - Expires 08/15/14

Still looking for that perfect gift? Rochester Air Center provides unforgettable moments that are anything but down to earth -- perfect for that adventurous loved-one you've been shopping around for: • $95 ($190 value) for an int...

Genesee Waterways Center Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Half-Day Kayak or Canoe Rental at Genesee Waterways Center

$15 $32 at Genesee Waterways Center - Living Social - Expires 08/13/14

With lakes and rivers as far as the eye can see, Rochester is watersports central -- good thing this nonprofit's mission is to get Rochesterians out on the blue stuff: • $15 ($32 value) for a half-day kayak or canoe rental • Elm...

Spirit Expeditions Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Two-Hour Guided Haunted History Tour for 2 or 4 at Spirit Expeditions

$20 $40 at Spirit Expeditions - Living Social - Expires 08/03/14

There's more to every story than what the history books will divulge. Get to know the spooky side of ROC as you soak up legend and lore -- and even conduct your own ghost hunt -- with this offer: • $20 ($40 value) for a two-hour ...

Ashford Ballet Company Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Dance Classes at Ashford Ballet Company

$25 $50 at Ashford Ballet Company - Living Social - Expires 08/19/14

With a prestigious program spanning ballet, tap, jazz, and more, this studio is renowned in Rochester for its dedication to training young dancers in an inclusive setting Monday through Saturday: • $25 ($50 value) for one month o...

Beauty Plus Salon Coupons Albany, New York Deals

$20 for $40 Toward Any Retail Product at Beauty Plus Salon

$20 $40 at Beauty Plus Salon - Groupon

Your hairstyle conveys a message, from natural waves that say you're laid-back to bright colors that say you're poisonous to eat. Stand out with this Groupon. The Deal $20 for $40 toward any retail product

Clean and Green Coupons Syosset, NY Deals

Carpet Cleaning or Tile and Grout Cleaning at Clean and Green

$99 $198 at Clean and Green - Living Social - Expires 08/05/14

Let your carpets and tile show their true, crisp, and clean colors. Get a pristine clean with this offer: • $99 ($198 value) for carpet cleaning for three areas up to 1,000 square feet • $99 ($198 value) for tile and grout clean...

Pittsford Optical Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

$250 to Spend on Eyeglasses or Sunglasses at Pittsford Optical

$25 $250 at Pittsford Optical - Living Social - Expires 08/04/14

Make sure your peepers are outfitted in the latest frames with this offer from the popular eyewear boutique nestled along Monroe Avenue in downtown Pittsford: • $25 for $250 toward one pair of prescription glasses or prescription...

Pane Vino Coupons Rochester, New York Deals

$12 for $20 Worth of Italian Food for Lunch at Pane Vino

$12 $20 at Pane Vino - Groupon

Italian cuisine is often served "family style"—off a platter rotating 50 feet above the diners' heads, which they can only reach through wits and teamwork. Bond over a meal with this Groupon. The Deal $12 for $20 worth of Itali...

The K Salon Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Partial Highlights or Color with Cut and More at The K Salon

$45 $95 at The K Salon - Living Social - Expires 08/23/14

Within this modern Rochester salon, customers are treated like family -- and beloved stylist Orlando won't let you walk out the door unless you look 100% fabulous: • $45 ($95 value) for partial highlights, haircut, and deep-condi...

Affordable Chiropractic Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

Chiropractic Exam Package with Adjustment and More at Affordable Chiropractic

$29 $125 at Affordable Chiropractic - Living Social - Expires 08/16/14

Don't let cost of care prevent your from functioning at your full potential. At Affordable Chiropractic, you'll walk away with answers to your chiropractic questions -- without compromising your bank account: • $29 ($125 value) f...

Pied Piper DJ & Photo Booth Services Coupons Clearwater, FL Deals

Two-Hour Photo Booth Rental at Pied Piper DJ & Photo Booth Services

$299 $600 at Pied Piper DJ & Photo Booth Services - Living Social - Expires 09/28/14

Backed by more than 25 years in the entertainment and rentals business, Pied Piper DJ & Photo Booth Services demonstrates a proven commitment to customer satisfaction: • $299 ($600 value) for a two-hour photo booth rental •...

Fantasy Raceways Coupons Rochester, NY Deals

One-Hour Slot Car Racing Party for Eight People at Fantasy Raceways

$25 $50 at Fantasy Raceways - Living Social - Expires 08/15/14

Despite having some time before getting licensed, your little daredevil doesn't want to wait on that four-wheeled thrill. Rev that birthday engine early with this offer from Fantasy Raceways: • $25 (regularly $50) for a one-hour ...