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BURGER 21 Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at BURGER 21

$15 $30 at BURGER 21 - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/31/15

The beauty of the burger comes from its simplicity. What starts as a plain meat patty can be transformed into a double-stacked icon, a juicy bed for crispy bacon strips,...

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$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at VALENTINO'S

$15 $30 at VALENTINO'S - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/24/15

Originally created to pull the Leaning Tower of Pisa back to vertical, spaghetti proved too delicious to avoid being chewed on by hungry vandals. Celebrate edible Italian engineering ingenuity with...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Italian Dining at CARMINE'S

$10 $20 at CARMINE'S - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/24/15

Things can pile up quickly in day to day life: stress, obligations, laundry. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just watch the toppings on your pizza pile up instead?...

Salon Escada Coupons

$30 For $60 Toward A Women's Haircut at Salon Escada

$30 $60 at Salon Escada - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

A haircut is something that can transform you into a different person, much like the sunglasses, scarf and trench coat strategically stowed in a nearby bathroom. You won't want to be incognito...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Fine Italian Dining at RISTORANTE AL FRESCO

$15 $30 at RISTORANTE AL FRESCO - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Marinara may be nearly impossible to remove from neckties, dress shirts and ceiling tiles, but it’s also impossible to resist when it’s made by the chefs at Ristorante Al Fresco...


$50 For $100 Toward Any Salon Service at PHOENIX SALON

$50 $100 at PHOENIX SALON - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Indulge yourself in the Phoenix experience, which promises to recharge your spirit, enrich your well-being and enhance your beauty. Their spacious establishment is designed for your maximum comfort and privacy,...

OSAKA Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Asian & Hibachi Dining at OSAKA

$15 $30 at OSAKA - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Aside from your uncle’s backyard barbecues, where else can you see flipping utensils, flames shooting skyward and pieces of steak and veggies arcing through the air toward waiting, open mouths?...

VIANA'S Coupons

$15 for $30 Worth Of Casual Italian Dining at VIANA'S

$15 $30 at VIANA'S - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Opening in 1985, Viana’s brought generations of family tradition and flavors to Voorhees. Enjoy fresh fish daily, homemade pastas and check out their new Mediterranean-style menu. If you’re looking for...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Italian Cuisine & Pizza at TU SEI BELLA

$10 $20 at TU SEI BELLA - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Baton twirling, while exciting in its own right (especially while flaming), pales in comparison to twirling hearty, steaming bowls of pasta with perfectly crafted sauce, herbs and fresh seafood on...

SCOOGI'S Coupons

$15 for $30 Worth Of Casual Italian dining at SCOOGI'S

$15 $30 at SCOOGI'S - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Though handed down through generations like heirloom furniture, Old World recipes aren’t content to sit in the hall draped with a doily.  Taste the family tradition of great Italian...

Pines Diner Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at Pines Diner

$15 $30 at Pines Diner - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Like souped-up muscle cars, gridiron football and star-spangled Speedos, the classic neighborhood diner is a quintessential American institution.  So show off your patriotism and use this DoubleTake Deal for...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Fine Italian Cuisine at LA CASA DI LUCIAS

$15 $30 at LA CASA DI LUCIAS - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

It’s a long way from Philadelphia to Italy, but if you’re in the mood for authentic Italian fare, skip the travails of transatlantic travel and crazed Italian drivers with a...

Dickey's Barbeque Pit Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth of Casual Dining at Dickey's Barbeque Pit

$15 $30 at Dickey's Barbeque Pit - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

If done correctly, eating barbecue, like finger-painting, will leave you with colorfully sticky fingers and drips on your backwards-shirt smock.  Get slathered in some down-home deliciousness with this offer,...

Tai Couture Salon Coupons

$30 For $60 Toward Salon Services at Tai Couture Salon

$30 $60 at Tai Couture Salon - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

You don’t need to dump dozens of dollars into chemical creams and outlandish epoxies to regain your beauty. Tai Couture Salon has the experience and the expert staff to show...

Revanew Massage Therapy Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of Massage Services at Revanew Massage Therapy

$20 $40 at Revanew Massage Therapy - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

Massage is more than kneading and manipulating the body’s muscles and limbs; it also promotes better mental health and clarity, helping restore balance between the mind and body. At Revanew...

Make-Up Bar Coupons

$50 For A Resurfacing Facial (Reg. $100) at Make-Up Bar

$50 $100 at Make-Up Bar - Double Take Deals - Expires 03/10/15

A comedienne’s dry sense of humor is overwhelmingly preferred over her dry winter skin, especially when shown in high definition. Change the channel on your dry, thirsty skin...

Supper Coupons

Four-Course Dinner for Two + Preserves at Supper

$89 $149 at Supper - Living Social - Expires 08/18/15

More than 1,100 Facebook likes! Settle in at Supper, and relish an array of seasonal dishes carefully crafted and assembled with fresh, locally grown ingredients. Here, chefs... Coupons

2 Movie Tickets and More at

$16 $40 at - Living Social - Expires 04/06/15

With this offer from, you'll score a true cinema experience for less: • $16 ($40 value) for 2 movie tickets and 2 large popcorns at PFS...

Trump Taj Mahal Coupons

Trump Taj Mahal + Dining Credit at Trump Taj Mahal

$59 $164 at Trump Taj Mahal - Living Social - Expires 03/08/15

Now is the time to visit Atlantic City, and between five-star restaurants, live entertainment, the casino, lounges, a spa, and luxury galore, the Trump Taj Mahal truly lives up to...

The Big Fake Wedding Coupons

Ticket to The Big Fake Wedding at The Big Fake Wedding

$13 $27 at The Big Fake Wedding - Living Social - Expires 05/19/15

Wedding planning should be as much of a party as the event itself. At The Big Fake Wedding, it is. This wedding planning party, which is also a vow-renewal ceremony...

Clean Air Council Coupons

Entry to Run for Clean Air at Clean Air Council

$15 $25 at Clean Air Council - Living Social - Expires 04/11/15

Celebrate Earth Day in Philadelphia this year by joining the Clean Air Council's 34th Annual Run for Clean Air. Choose between three entry options, including a 5K run, a 3K...

Schmata Productions Coupons

Renaissance Fair, Theater, or Art Program at Schmata Productions

$335 $480 at Schmata Productions - Living Social - Expires 07/25/15

Low-pressure introductions to the arts, these programs feature drama games and performances; a range of art projects; admission to (and, better yet, participation in) the state renaissance fair; and script...

Erdenheim Cycle & Fitness Coupons

$30 or $40 to Spend on a Bicycle at Erdenheim Cycle & Fitness

$15 $30 at Erdenheim Cycle & Fitness - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

For more than 30 years, cycling enthusiasts around Philly have known exactly where to look for affordable, high-quality bikes: Erdenheim Cycle & Fitness Center. Find one for yourself with this...

My Custom Closet Coupons

Six-Foot Closet with White Wood Melamine at My Custom Closet

$199 $500 at My Custom Closet - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

This installation team has designed and organized closets and cabinets for more than 12 years; they'll help you create more space for whatever you need -- with the owner and...

Donna Scott Secret Med Spa Coupons

IPL Photofacial at Donna Scott Secret Med Spa

$199 $500 at Donna Scott Secret Med Spa - Living Social - Expires 10/06/15

Award-winning esthetician Donna Scott, who has experience helping A-listers get red carpet-ready, is here to help you score a tabloid-worthy visage with this deal: • $199 ($500...