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Alora Ambiance Spa Coupons

$25 For $50 Toward Spa Services at Alora Ambiance Spa

$25 $50 at Alora Ambiance Spa - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

Being beautiful is hard work and sometimes requires a bit of assistance but don’t despair – the friendly, professional staff at Alora Ambiance Spa is here to help! ...

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Alora Salon Coupons

$25 For $50 Toward Spa Services at Alora Salon

$25 $50 at Alora Salon - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

When life gets hectic, the experts say the best way to relax is to look within and find your happy place. For a more effective way to relieve stress, try...

Pie~Zon  Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at Pie~Zon

$15 $30 at Pie~Zon - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

Pizza sauce may be nearly impossible to remove from neckties, suede boots and ceiling tiles, but it’s also impossible to resist when it’s tucked under the melted cheese of a...

Jersey Nicks Car Wash Coupons

$20 For $40 Towards Any Service at Jersey Nicks Car Wash

$20 $40 at Jersey Nicks Car Wash - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

Don’t be a road noid; steer yourself into Jersey Nicks Car Wash with this Double Take Deal. You’ll receive $40 toward their impeccable car detailing services. Jersey Nicks is a...

Robin's On Broadway Coupons

$20 For $40 Toward Any Highlight Service at Robin's On Broadway

$20 $40 at Robin's On Broadway - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

It's been twisted and teased, feathered and foiled… You've even subjected it to burning and bleaching. Don't you think it's time you ceased manhandling your mane and give it the...

Commit To Change Coupons

Ten Barre, Yoga, or Pilates Classes at Commit To Change

$49 $200 at Commit To Change - Living Social - Expires 09/15/15

You might have cute workout gear, but if you really want to look good, you also need drive. With this deal from an inviting Morristown studio, let trained instructors inspire...

The Knead U Need Coupons

60-Minute Customized Massage at The Knead U Need

$39 $80 at The Knead U Need - Living Social - Expires 09/15/15

With an integrative approach that incorporates multiple modalities -- think Swedish, deep-tissue, and more -- these experts have been providing muscle-melting massage services to North Jersey for more than 20...

Art Studio 5005 Coupons

Three One-Hour Kids' Art Classes at Art Studio 5005

$39 $90 at Art Studio 5005 - Living Social - Expires 12/30/14

Everyone has their own style -- especially artists. Encourage your little Monets and Rembrandts to uncover their own talents and ways of creating art with these classes: ...

Biggie's Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of Casual Dining at Biggie's

$20 $40 at Biggie's - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/12/14

Featuring a friendly atmosphere, excellent customer service along with delicious food choices, Biggie’s Restaurant, Raw Bar & Tavern is sure to make you happy as a clam! Offering a wonderful...

Ameti's  Pizza Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Italian Cuisine at Ameti's Pizza

$15 $30 at Ameti's Pizza - Double Take Deals - Expires 10/28/14

There are few things better than a soft layer of bubbling cheese atop a thick, deep, red sauce, all residing on a one-of-a-kind golden crust. Ameti’s Pizza has been attacking...

Stress Solutions Spa Coupons

One-Hour Seasonal Body Scrub at Stress Solutions Spa

$42 $85 at Stress Solutions Spa - Living Social - Expires 09/14/15

Relax with a light massage coupled with the natural exfoliation power of sugar and essential oils -- performed by the trained experts at this Mountain Boulevard location: ...

Pearl Restaurant Coupons

Pre-Fixe Dinner for Two at Pearl Restaurant

$40 $81 at Pearl Restaurant - Living Social - Expires 09/11/15

More than 1,800 Facebook fans! The chefs at this Ridgewood resto are so dedicated to freshness, their menu changes daily to reflect which foods are in season...

Be Well. Morristown Coupons

Personalized Diet Plan Package at Be Well. Morristown

$65 $150 at Be Well. Morristown - Living Social - Expires 09/14/15

Right in the heart of Morristown, you'll find a place brimming with light, energy, and a passion for infusing wellness into every aspect of its clients' lives. That place is...

Night-Mares Haunted Attraction Coupons

Haunted Trail Admission at Night-Mares Haunted Attraction

$15 $25 at Night-Mares Haunted Attraction - Living Social - Expires 10/27/14

Take your chances on the Twisted Maniac Trail, an outdoor haunted attraction set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Creep your way past grisly scenes and try not to...

Creators Workshop Coupons

One Month of 90-Minute Art Classes at Creators Workshop

$60 $120 at Creators Workshop - Living Social - Expires 10/30/14

Add some color to your life with an artistic endeavor designed to bring out your inner creative. Adults, teens, and kids are all welcome to explore the fine arts with...

Eli Adams Jewelers Coupons

$100 for Jewelry or $300 for Watches at Eli Adams Jewelers

$50 $100 at Eli Adams Jewelers - Living Social - Expires 09/11/15

Jewelry from lots of high-end designer brands is available at this Rochelle Park shop. Find a nice piece for yourself, or get something special for that special someone with this...

Pub 611 Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at Pub 611

$15 $30 at Pub 611 - Double Take Deals - Expires 10/21/14

Finding that special pub is all about falling in love with its welcoming environs, and name familiarity, which is just what you’ll get at Amore Cucina’s Pub 611 with this...

Ihop Coupons

$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at Ihop

$10 $20 at Ihop - Double Take Deals - Expires 10/21/14

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, if our math’s right, since IHOP serves its hot, delicious breakfasts all day, then every meal at IHOP...