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Walker Stalker Con Coupons

Ticket to Walker Stalker Con at Walker Stalker Con

$27 $55 at Walker Stalker Con - Living Social - Expires 12/12/14

What began as "The Walker Stalkers Podcast with James & Eric" is now a two-day event that's a must-attend for any zombie lover. Held December 13 and 14 at Meadowlands...

Loving Lash Coupons

Eyelash Extensions with Eyebrow or Lip Wax at Loving Lash

$65 $142 at Loving Lash - Living Social - Expires 11/06/14

Looking gorgeous can seem like a full-time job, but there's no need to put in overtime -- put down the time-consuming tube of mascara and let these professionals worth their...

Kid'z Musik Coupons

Five Children's Music Classes at Kid'z Musik

$60 $125 at Kid'z Musik - Living Social - Expires 08/06/15

Passionate about early childhood education, mastermind and musician Mr. Joe created Kid'z Musik to foster confidence, creativity, and a love of rhythm with fun and lively music classes -- for...

Grata Coupons

Mediterranean Appetizers and Drinks for Two at Grata

$30 $60 at Grata - Living Social - Expires 01/17/15

Inspired by the Latin word for "welcome," "hello," and "thank you" that serves as its namesake, Grata's proprietor takes the promise that every patron will be well taken care of...

Newark School of The Arts Coupons

Four Private Music Lessons at Newark School of The Arts

$160 $357 at Newark School of The Arts - Living Social - Expires 12/02/14

Become one of 38,000 students of all ages who have passed through Newark School of the Arts since opening in 1968 -- and one of the 500 who study here...

Lombardi's Pizza and Steak Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at Lombardi's Pizza and Steak

$15 $30 at Lombardi's Pizza and Steak - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/04/14

Nothing brings friends and family together like pizza, and the stretchy melted cheese keeps you together since it refuses to snap. Celebrate your love of pizza and the eternal...

Mantra Coupons

$25 For $50 Worth Of Fine Indian Cuisine at Mantra

$25 $50 at Mantra - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/04/14

Some treasures are buried mid-desert only to be located by an ambiguous mark on a dusty map; others are lost to the bosom of the endless sea, casualties of a...

Seas and Savannahs Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of International Cuisine at Seas and Savannahs

$20 $40 at Seas and Savannahs - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/04/14

World travel can be expensive, exhausting and fraught with perils like lost passports, questionable cab drivers and exotic creepy-crawlies. It’s so much easier to let your taste buds do the...

Solari's Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of Italian Cuisine at Solari's

$20 $40 at Solari's - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/04/14

Those delicious Italian sauces may be nearly impossible to remove from blouses, dress shirts and ceiling tiles, but they’re also impossible to resist when they’re made by the chefs at...

The Sikdang Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Korean Fusion Dining at The Sikdang

$15 $30 at The Sikdang - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/04/14

Amongst world cuisines, only the Amish can give the Koreans a run for the title of “Best Use Of Cabbage,” but they ultimately fall short due to the difficulty involved...

Roses of  Englewood Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Lebanese Cuisine at Roses of Englewood

$15 $30 at Roses of Englewood - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/04/14

Kabobs, aside from being an enjoyable nickname for anyone named Karobert, are like savory passports to an exotic land for your taste buds. Take a flavorful journey to...

90-Minute Harry Potter Themed Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Coupons

Learn How Harry Potter and History Collide at the Met

$40 $40 at 90-Minute Harry Potter Themed Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art - Groupon - Expires 10/26/14

The Deal missing id 3a2b2516-5a2b-c6de-d834-65a7c394f684 for one admission to a 90-minute Harry Potter-themed tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Emily Turner ...

Natural Beauty Spa Coupons

Facial Treatment or Massage at Natural Beauty Spa

$19 $65 at Natural Beauty Spa - Living Social - Expires 07/27/15

Give your skin a much-needed treat when you relax and rejuvenate at this serene spa, where soft lighting and quiet music sets the tone for complete relaxation: ...

Carmine's Coupons

Admission to Carmine's Cookbook Launch Party at Carmine's

$150 $225 at Carmine's - Living Social - Expires 11/02/14

Thanks to its legendary family-style Italian meals, Carmine's is out to make every day feel like Sunday at Grandma's house. Be there when a new generation of Italian recipes are...

Master Theater Coupons

Ticket to "Spook-tacular" at Master Theater

$15 $30 at Master Theater - Living Social - Expires 10/24/14

Called a "hair-raising circus of scare," by Master Theater, "Spook-tacular" is a family-friendly theatrical romp of all things Halloween. Banshees will soar, zombies will dance, and mummies will wiggle as...

Brooklyn Night Bazaar Coupons

Entry to the Bazaar for Two at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

$38 $54 at Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Living Social - Expires 02/27/15

More than 28,100 Facebook likes! A market, street fair, and nightclub all rolled into one, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is in a class all its own....

IHOP Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at IHOP

$15 $30 at IHOP - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

Morning, noon, or night, IHOP is ready to quiet your grumbling stomach. Come on in, settle into a booth and get your syrup-pouring arm ready - it’s pancake time! ...

Lunchbox Coupons

$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at Lunchbox

$10 $20 at Lunchbox - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

The one thing that got most of us through 4th period algebra was the promise of a lunchbox filled with our favorite foods and a distinct lack of linear equations....

Fresh U Juice Bar Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Healthful Dining at Fresh U Juice Bar

$15 $30 at Fresh U Juice Bar - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

Young academicians across the nation are studying in and outside of the classroom on how to best keep America’s vitality, energy and health at optimum levels. From countless nights poring...

Thai Fresh Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Thai Food at Thai Fresh

$15 $30 at Thai Fresh - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

You’ve shopped for neckties, you’ve sipped a fine Mai Tai and perhaps you’ve even signed up for Muay Thai classes. Time to try a new Thai when you visit Thai...