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Thee Hair Gallery Coupons

$83 for $150 Groupon — Thee Hair Gallery

$83 $150 at Thee Hair Gallery - Groupon - Expires 08/15/39

A Chat with Thee Hair Gallery What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition? We offer a confortable environment with nail...

Chenille Cleaners Coupons

Up to 50% Off Eco Dry-Cleaning at Chenille Cleaners

$15 $30 at Chenille Cleaners - Groupon - Expires 08/15/39

Choose Between Two Options $15 for $30 worth of dry-cleaning services $35 for $70 worth of dry-cleaning services A Chat with Chenille Cleaners...

Vital Theatre Company Coupons

Ticket to "Pinkalicious, The Musical" at Vital Theatre Company

$36 $46 at Vital Theatre Company - Living Social - Expires 05/29/15

Discover a family-friendly theater experience that will tickle your child pink -- a ticket to see "Pinkalicious, The Musical" at Lynn Redgrave Theater on Saturdays and Sundays this summer....

Young Dance Collective Coupons

Ticket to Dance Show at Young Dance Collective

$15 $20 at Young Dance Collective - Living Social - Expires 05/13/15

You're in for something fresh at a YDC show. Known for encouraging its students to grow as artists while honing their professional dance skills, this socially conscious modern dance company...

Keytours Vacations Coupons

11-Day Greece Trip + Flights from IAD, ORD & NYC at Keytours Vacations

$2599 $3599 at Keytours Vacations - Living Social - Expires 04/29/15

From Athens to the Greek Isles, this 11-day trip—including flights from Chicago, DC, and NYC—takes guests to ancient ruins, specially selected hotels, fishing villages, bustling markets, romantic restaurants, and more....

go-today Coupons

London, Paris, Amsterdam & Rome Trip + Flights at go-today

$2699 $3399 at go-today - Living Social - Expires 04/29/15

Hitting the highlights of European art and legendary history on this self-guided tour through London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome will make a serious dent in any bucket list. ...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Gyros, Burgers, Wraps & More at TASTY GRILL

$15 $30 at TASTY GRILL - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

Just like exercising while feverishly sucking on sugar cubes, meals are meant to be an enjoyable activity minus the mouthful of cavities. Sustain pleasantly surprising savings with this offer in hand at Tasty Grill, and secure your stomach $30...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Italian Cuisine at IL SAPORE

$10 $20 at IL SAPORE - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

Like a drunken celebrity presenter at a live awards show, pizza just slides across the stage of your esophagus and somehow hits the perfect spot in your stomach, right where the...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Cuban Cuisine at HAVANA SANDWICH CAFE

$15 $30 at HAVANA SANDWICH CAFE - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

In the early 60s, trade embargoes on Cuba created an underground market for smuggled empanadas, although the lost time in transit resulted in a less-than-desirable end product. Indulge in fresh,...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Gourmet Burgers at GOTHAM BURGER

$15 $30 at GOTHAM BURGER - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

It’s certain that between running a billion-dollar corporation and fighting crime as the Caped Crusader, Bruce Wayne must have had time to stop and enjoy a hamburger. If and when...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Italian Cuisine at GIOVANNIS

$15 $30 at GIOVANNIS - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

While Italians prefer their cars fast, sleek and with a convertible top, their cuisine is decidedly something to savor slowly, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. With...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Mediterranean Cuisine at FOUR SEASONS KEBAB HOUSE

$10 $20 at FOUR SEASONS KEBAB HOUSE - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

Trying new things isn't easy for everyone. For some, it requires a willingness to expand their horizons, while for others it requires simple, small touches, like blindfolds. Serenade your senses (particularly...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at BAY STREET URBAN CHICKEN

$10 $20 at BAY STREET URBAN CHICKEN - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

Some folks like their poultry a little bit countrified, while others prefer a more aristocratic bird that can follow pedestrian crossing signals without getting "grilled" by a crosstown bus. Sample some Southern-fried,...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Indian Cuisine at ART OF SPICE

$10 $20 at ART OF SPICE - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

For centuries, Americans' cuisine choices were limited by how far they could get on the turnpike before blowing a tire, but now the tastes of India and beyond are brought directly to...


$10 for $20 Worth of Casual Dining at LUNCHBOX

$10 $20 at LUNCHBOX - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

The one thing that got most of us through 4th period algebra was the promise of a lunchbox filled with our favorite foods and a distinct lack of linear equations....


$35 For A 50-Minute Massage Sampler (Reg. $75) at REVERIE SPA

$35 $75 at REVERIE SPA - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

The secret to Superman’s success wasn’t the fancy red cape; the manly, knee-high boots or the stylin’ onesie he sported - it was his massage therapist who kept him feeling his best...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Wings For Dine In or Take-Out at PLANET WINGS

$15 $30 at PLANET WINGS - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

A varied selection is a good thing to have when you're feeling famished and indecisive. Another good thing to have: a cozy nap spot under the dining room table for your impending post-meal food coma. ...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Indian Cuisine at SOHNA PUNJAB

$15 $30 at SOHNA PUNJAB - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

They say variety is the spice of life, which explains why the local diner has been leaving your mouth feeling listless.  Liven it up with this offer from Sohna Punjab,...

Queens Archery Coupons

90-Minute Archery Lesson for 1 or 2 at Queens Archery

$18 $35 at Queens Archery - Living Social - Expires 07/12/15

More than 1,700 Facebook fans! Combining 30 minutes of instruction with a full hour of range time, the archery lessons offered at this 5,000-square-foot facility emphasize safety,...

Fuerza Bruta Coupons

Ticket to "Fuerza Bruta" at Fuerza Bruta

$49 $75 at Fuerza Bruta - Living Social - Expires 06/12/15

Bringing the hit Off-Broadway show Fuerza Bruta back to New York City after a decade of worldwide success, Fuerza Bruta is an uninhibited and unforgettable show you have to see...

Krowne Vocal School Coupons

One-Hour Voice Lesson at Krowne Vocal School (50% Off)

$25 $50 at Krowne Vocal School - Groupon - Expires 12/26/38

A Chat with Krowne Vocal School What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition? Krowne Vocal School provides state-of-the-art...

Fields Pet Collective Coupons

In-Home Pet Grooming Package at Fields Pet Collective

$34 $69 at Fields Pet Collective - Living Social - Expires 07/06/15

Your four-legged friend deserves only the best, as the folks at Fields Pet Collective know well. With their help, you can find the area's best providers of grooming, boarding, walking,...

Amaze 58 Coupons

Prix-Fixe Dinner for 2 with Cocktails at Amaze 58

$36 $72 at Amaze 58 - Living Social - Expires 09/29/15

Mingling the flavors of East and Southeast Asia in inspired fusion dishes, this vibrant two-level space is illuminated by the glow of an enormous spiral chandelier. •...