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CrossFit 312 Coupons

Unlimited CrossFit or 8 Training Classes at CrossFit 312

$99.99 $225 at CrossFit 312 - Living Social - Expires 11/01/16

Conveniently located in the west loop, CrossFit 312 provides a wide variety of fitness classes that are ideal for students of all ages and ability levels. •...

Mermaid Fish & Chicken Coupons

60% off at Mermaid Fish & Chicken

$4 $10 at Mermaid Fish & Chicken - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Looking for a good time? Want to have good food, and better times? Mermaid Fish & Chicken is the place. Casual atmosphere, fun and the friendliest staff. No matter what...

Square Bar and Grill Coupons

60% off at Square Bar and Grill

$4 $10 at Square Bar and Grill - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Square Bar and Grill opened it's doors on May 30, 2009. Since then we've grown into a hot spot for tasty burgers and great beers on tap. Grab a seat...

Chop Chop Chinaman Coupons

60% off at Chop Chop Chinaman

$6 $15 at Chop Chop Chinaman - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

We offer the most authentic Chinese food in the area! Stop by for lunch, dinner, or late night, and we know you'll be back again and again!

Crossroads at House of Blues Coupons

60% off at Crossroads at House of Blues

$20 $50 at Crossroads at House of Blues - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Welcome to Crossroads at House of Blues! House of Blues showcases the diversity of live music by presenting nearly every genre of music on its stages. Crossroads at House of...

SL Sports Lounge Coupons

60% off at SL Sports Lounge

$4 $10 at SL Sports Lounge - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

L26 is a great place to eat, combining a warm atmosphere with excellent contemporary American cuisine. The mission is not only to have great tasting food, but have efficient and...

Angels Restaurant Coupons

60% off at Angels Restaurant

$6 $15 at Angels Restaurant - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Drop into Angels Restaurant for good times and great food. The restaurant is a neighborhood favorite, and offers a casual, friendly dining atmosphere that you and your friends are sure...

Que Rico Coupons

60% off at Que Rico

$10 $25 at Que Rico - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Conveniently located in the heart of Chicago, Que Rico is the perfect place to have a great meal and unwind after a long week. Known throughout the area for its...

Mccormick Market Coupons

60% off at Mccormick Market

$6 $15 at Mccormick Market - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

We specialize in American cuisine with a home cooked feel. Come in, sit down, and let us take away the stress from your life. Choose from multiple dishes and receive...

DeJa Vu Massage Coupons

Swedish, Deep-Tissue, or Sports Massage at DeJa Vu Massage

$55 $80 at DeJa Vu Massage - Living Social - Expires 11/04/16

It's important to make space in your life for relaxation. Swing by this tranquil space, where you can enjoy a restorative, rejuvenating massage: • $55 ($80 value)...

Aquarium Salon Coupons

Scalp Treatment and Blowout, or Highlights at Aquarium Salon

$44.99 $140 at Aquarium Salon - Living Social - Expires 11/03/16

When you arrive at this pristine salon and spa, you'll be treated to high-quality, eco-friendly treatments provided by a junior or senior stylist, according to your preference: ...

Got Air Scuba Coupons

PADI Full Scuba Certification Course at Got Air Scuba

$250 $500 at Got Air Scuba - Living Social - Expires 10/22/16

Dive a little deeper into the world of underwater adventures by learning all about scuba -- find out about safety, proper equipment use, maneuvering, and more: •...

Access Granted Chicago Coupons

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Party Bus Package at Access Granted Chicago

$450 $650 at Access Granted Chicago - Living Social - Expires 11/01/16

This customer-driven company can take you in style to corporate events, weddings, conventions, cruising the magnificent mile downtown, nightclubs, and anywhere else you need to go. Hop into a party...

Infinite Custom Coupons

Remote Car Starter with Installation at Infinite Custom

$149 $300 at Infinite Custom - Living Social - Expires 11/01/16

Get your car -- and, more importantly, its heating/air conditioning -- running before you even leave your living room with a remote car starter installed by the pros at Infinite...

Mike's e-Bikes Coupons

6-hour GPS-Guided, Self-Paced E-Bike Tour at Mike's e-Bikes

$75 $125 at Mike's e-Bikes - Living Social - Expires 08/11/16

Don't let steep urban hills slow down your ride -- using Electric Assist, these bikes make pedaling easy. Enjoy a GPS tour around Naperville or Chicago without having to suffer...

Mane Image Spa Coupons

6 Laser Hair-Removal Sessions at Mane Image Spa

$99 $500 at Mane Image Spa - Living Social - Expires 10/13/16

Step into this upscale spa, settle in with a licensed member of the staff in a private room, and get ready to experience a hair-reduction treatment using only the most...

Creative Motion Coupons

Yoga Teacher Training or Month of Classes at Creative Motion

$1500 $3000 at Creative Motion - Living Social - Expires 10/11/16

This gorgeous, intimate, hardwood-floored studios in Montrose plays host to a packed schedule of classes that stretch well beyond the bounds of traditional yoga, by incorporating elements from dance, barre,...

Pita Alsharq Coupons

60% off at Pita Alsharq

$4 $10 at Pita Alsharq - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Looking for the perfect place to end your long day? Look no further. The Pita Alsharq restaurant will welcome you with its friendly service and aromatic Pita Alsharq kitchen. Located...

Eysals Coffee Roaster Coupons

60% off at Eysals Coffee Roaster

$4 $10 at Eysals Coffee Roaster - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

We love our food and we are sure you will as well. Grab your friends and family and come have a meal with us.

ZHYA Lee Center Coupons

Choice of Acupuncture Packages at ZHYA Lee Center

$27 $100 at ZHYA Lee Center - Living Social - Expires 10/20/16

Dedicated to using alternative medicine to help improve people's lives, the experts at this center have delved deep into the traditions of ancient Chinese medicine in order to provide a...

Ask Aunt V Coupons

Ticket to Farm-to-Table Event at Ask Aunt V

$45 $75 at Ask Aunt V - Living Social - Expires 09/20/16

Whole, natural foods taste delicious and can make you feel great. Sample everything nature has to offer with some help from this nutrition and cooking pro: •...

Shula's Steak House Coupons

60% off at Shula's Steak House

$10 $25 at Shula's Steak House - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Shula's is a premier upscale steak house offering the SHULA CUT, the best beef money can buy. This elegant dining experience is themed after the 1972 Miami Dolphins perfect season....

Harvest Coupons

60% off at Harvest

$10 $25 at Harvest - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Our steaks are marinated and seasoned to excellence. When making our steaks we have one thing in mind and that's how to make first class steaks for you. We invite...

Two Girls and A Cupcake Coupons

60% off at Two Girls and A Cupcake

$4 $10 at Two Girls and A Cupcake - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Our daily variety consists of between 15-25+ flavors ranging from favorites such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Creme Pie, Caramel Nut Cheesecake, Oreo Eclipse, Caramel Apple Pie, Andes Mint,...

My Way Ristorante Coupons

60% off at My Way Ristorante

$10 $25 at My Way Ristorante - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Homemade Pasta prepared in creamy sauce with fresh ingredients. All choices of meet, cooked to perfection and dissolves on the tongue. Home of the best seafood in the neighborhood. A...

Sports Corner @ 124 Coupons

60% off at Sports Corner @ 124

$4 $10 at Sports Corner @ 124 - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Come in, sit down, and let us take away the stress from your life. Choose from multiple dishes and receive top notch service. Sit, eat, relax, we look forward to...

Old South Diner & Dragon By The Sea Coupons

60% off at Old South Diner & Dragon By The Sea

$4 $10 at Old South Diner & Dragon By The Sea - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Choose from multiple dishes and receive top notch service. Sit, eat, relax, we look forward to serving you.

Pizza For U Coupons

60% off at Pizza For U

$2 $5 at Pizza For U - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Try our Pizza, Pockets, Wings, and Sandwiches made just for yoU!!!

DexaFit Coupons

Resting Metabolic Rate Test at DexaFit

$79 $150 at DexaFit - Living Social - Expires 10/18/16

Knowledge is power -- the power to achieve your fitness goals. DexaFit's MetaCheck RMR Test empowers you to take the guesswork out of your diet and exercise plan, by giving...

Ani Coupons

60% off at Ani

$2 $5 at Ani - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Ani is pleased to make your next group dining experience something very special. Choose your serving style and dishes and we will handle the rest. For a truely memorable event,...

Lincoln Square Fencing Coupons

Fencing Lessons for Ages 7 to 9 at Lincoln Square Fencing

$50 $100 at Lincoln Square Fencing - Living Social - Expires 11/01/16

Does your youngster want to spend all of their time playing games? We know, we know -- the answer to that seems obvious. If your child would love something athletic...

Advanced Lisle Dental Coupons

Dental Cleaning, Exam, and X-Rays at Advanced Lisle Dental

$59 $259 at Advanced Lisle Dental - Living Social - Expires 10/05/16

Perfect your pearly whites with all this deal has to offer -- you'll have your basics covered with a cleaning, exam, and X-rays, performed by a staff and doctor who...

Cross Training Playground Coupons

Unlimited Membership for 1 Month at Cross Training Playground

$49 $150 at Cross Training Playground - Living Social - Expires 09/28/16

This full-service facility prides itself on being fun, engaging space that's anything but a traditional gym. Complete beginners and elite athletes alike around are invited to participate in workouts and...

Atolito Mexican Kitchen Coupons

60% off at Atolito Mexican Kitchen

$10 $25 at Atolito Mexican Kitchen - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

We make ordering easy by allowing you to choose an Atolito package based on the size of your party and your budget. If your guests have more individual tastes, you...

Dosirak Coupons

60% off at Dosirak

$4 $10 at Dosirak - Groupon - Expires 06/24/39

Located in the University Village Neighborhood, just 5 minutes away from the University of Illinois in Chicago. We are a LUNCHBOX counter service restaurant that serves fresh, authentic, homemade Korean...