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Imaging R & R Coupons

2-Hour Beginner's Photography Workshop at Imaging R & R

$69 $150 at Imaging R & R - Living Social - Expires 08/07/15

Steve Weinrebe, award-winning professional photographer and author of two books on photography, will be your guide and instructor during this outdoor workshop with Imaging R & R: ...

American Repertory Ballet Coupons

One Ticket to "Romeo and Juliet" at American Repertory Ballet

$29 $44 at American Repertory Ballet - Living Social - Expires 04/14/15

What began as one of theater's most beloved romances has also become a favorite ballet. "Romeo and Juliet" is coming to the American Repertory Ballet for one night only on...

Acacia Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Fine Dining at Acacia

$15 $30 at Acacia - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/10/15

Modern American cuisine can be a bit like a traditional wedding. You take something old, something new, something from the bar, and something from the barbecue. Enjoy the...

Amalfi's Coupons

$10 For $20 Worth Of Authentic Italian Cuisine at Amalfi's

$10 $20 at Amalfi's - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/08/15

Just like carrots can improve one’s eyesight, pizza consumption has been shown to increase the attractiveness of the eater, especially when he or she is in possession of more than...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at THE BUCK HOTEL

$15 $30 at THE BUCK HOTEL - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

Everyone's heard the phrase "The buck stops here!" but it's time you get acquainted with a new, delicious saying: "You stop at The Buck!" with this deal from The Buck...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Healthy Cuisine at MUSCLE MAKER GRILL

$15 $30 at MUSCLE MAKER GRILL - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

The old mantra of "if it's healthy, it must taste terrible" no longer holds true unless you're terribly fond of chewing on your yoga mat, in which case it might...


$20 For $40 Toward Any Fruit Arrangement at EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS

$20 $40 at EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/28/15

Aside from people toting a gigantic check surrounded by a horde of television cameras, what your friends most want brought to their door is a bouquet from Edible Arrangements. With...


$20 For $40 Worth Of American Fare at GREAT AMERICAN DINER & PUB

$20 $40 at GREAT AMERICAN DINER & PUB - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/07/15

Great American cuisine, like towns, magazines and vitamins, should be ravaged and ingested in gratuitous amounts. Get your fill of all your comfort food favorites with this offer at The Great American Diner &...

Club House Diner Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of American Dining at Club House Diner

$20 $40 at Club House Diner - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/07/15

Like souped-up muscle cars, gridiron football and star-spangled Speedos, the classic neighborhood diner is a quintessential American institution. Show off your patriotism with this deal from Club House Diner for...

AROSSO  Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of Italian Cuisine at AROSSO

$20 $40 at AROSSO - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/07/15

As authentic an Italian experience as motoring a red, white and green Vespa through the winding causeways of Trastevere—and far less harrowing—the home-style Italian cooking at Arosso is just as...


$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at IHOP OF EWING

$10 $20 at IHOP OF EWING - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/07/15

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, if our math's right, since IHOP serves it's hot, delicious breakfasts all day, then every meal at IHOP...

Johnny Apples Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of American Cuisine at Johnny Apples

$15 $30 at Johnny Apples - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/07/15

There’s nothing more American than apple pie...except for juicy grilled meat, melted cheese, and stubbornly refusing to convert to the metric system.  Celebrate what makes this country unique with...


$15 For $30 Worth Of Italian Cuisine at FLORENTINO'S RESTAURANT

$15 $30 at FLORENTINO'S RESTAURANT - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/07/15

Like a fine wine, an Italian culinary acumen ages nicely. The experience of Chef Francisco Argueta for over twenty years reflects itself in the panache and evocative tastes in the...

Gabe's Candy & Nut House Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Gourmet Candies at Gabe's Candy & Nut House

$15 $30 at Gabe's Candy & Nut House - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/07/15

The borders of Candyland have experienced a sharp rise in immigration from neighboring Dinnerville, which has seen civil unrest in response to strict “Clear your plate before you eat dessert”...

Just Froyo Coupons

$10 For $20 Worth Of Frozen Yogurt at Just Froyo

$10 $20 at Just Froyo - Double Take Deals - Expires 04/07/15

Gym membership keyfobs and can-do attitudes are integral components of a healthy lifestyle, but neither pack the deliciousness that a cup of frozen yogurt has. Work out some...

Hewitt Wellington Coupons

Historic Jersey Shore Hotel + Breakfast at Hewitt Wellington

$75 $112 at Hewitt Wellington - Living Social - Expires 04/08/15

Embrace Jersey Shore's calmer, quieter side at this boutique hotel—just a few blocks from the ocean.The Destination Within a few years of Spring Lake's discovery in 1876 by wealthy...

Chateau Inn & Suites Coupons

Jersey Shore B&B + Bike Rental at Chateau Inn & Suites

$85 $183 at Chateau Inn & Suites - Living Social - Expires 04/05/15

The charm and old-fashioned hospitality of this inn perfectly capture the historic atmosphere of quaint Spring Lake. The Destination When wealthy New Yorkers and Philadelphians discovered...