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Cantine Parisienne Coupons

$70 to Spend on Food and Drink at Cantine Parisienne

$35 $70 at Cantine Parisienne - Living Social - Expires 08/18/15

On the corner of Elizabeth and Kenmare sits quaint Parisian bistro Cantine Parisienne. Stop by to enjoy authentic French cuisine in one of Manhattan's most stylish up-and-coming neighborhoods: ...

GDM Fitness Coupons

Six Boot Camp Classes at GDM Fitness

$35 $210 at GDM Fitness - Living Social - Expires 08/18/15

Tanning in Sheep Meadow is a quintessential NYC activity, but before putting your bod on display, get it in tip-top shape with this offer: • $35 ($210...

Andiamo Coupons

$100 to Spend on Takeout and Catering at Andiamo

$50 $100 at Andiamo - Living Social - Expires 08/18/15

Planning a party? Get your fill of gourmet foods, paninis, wraps, and other delicious options from the takeout and catering arm of the beloved Zuppa Restaurant & Lounge: ...

Flûte Bar & Lounge - Gramercy Coupons

Champagne and Appetizers at Flûte Bar & Lounge - Gramercy

$49 $96 at Flûte Bar & Lounge - Gramercy - Living Social - Expires 08/18/15

More than 1,400 Facebook fans! If you're in a celebratory mood, Flûte is the place to be, according to New York. Retreat into this Gramercy lounge's chic...

Juice Beach Coupons

Three-Day Juice Cleanse at Juice Beach

$120 $300 at Juice Beach - Living Social - Expires 08/18/15

Eat well and live well -- that's the motto of this Asbury juicer and cafe. Focus on you with a cleanse that features inventive and creative concoctions of strawberries, bananas,... Coupons

Custom Chinos and Shirts at

$99 $198 at - Living Social - Expires 08/18/15

Dress not for the job you have, but for the job you want -- and with these custom-made chinos, you'll be a front-runner for the corner office. Book your appointment...

Supreme Team Boxing Coupons

Ten Kickboxing or Boxing Boot Camp Classes at Supreme Team Boxing

$39 $158 at Supreme Team Boxing - Living Social - Expires 08/18/15

If you've been slowly jabbing at heft, come out swinging with this deal from Supreme Team Boxing, whose own celebrity trainer Coach Nelson has trained world heavyweight champions and Golden...

Bryn Sanders Personal Stylist Coupons

Two-Hour Style Consultation at Bryn Sanders Personal Stylist

$80 $160 at Bryn Sanders Personal Stylist - Living Social - Expires 08/17/15

We're often told that fashionable clothes cost a lot of money, but Bryn Sanders -- whose previous employers include high-end designers -- wants you to know that you can get...

Lash Out Coupons

Eyelash or Eyebrow Extensions at Lash Out

$99 $200 at Lash Out - Living Social - Expires 08/05/15

Individually applied by hand to match your natural features, the realistic, dramatic look of eyelash and eyebrow extensions have made them a popular choice among top celebrities: ...

The Burger Bistro Coupons

$20 to Spend on Food and Drink at The Burger Bistro

$10 $20 at The Burger Bistro - Living Social - Expires 08/05/15

More than 3,100 Facebook fans! If you're tired of assembly-line, fast-food patties, stop by The Burger Bistro. Here, you'll bite into fresh, customizable burgers crafted by a...

The Body Sculpting Lounge Coupons

One or Three Body Treatments at The Body Sculpting Lounge

$99 $300 at The Body Sculpting Lounge - Living Social - Expires 07/29/15

The pros at this East 58th Street establishment can target your biggest trouble area, like your abs or thighs, with noninvasive microcurrent therapy: • $99 ($300 value)...

Elegant Engagements Coupons

Four-Hour Photo or Social Booth Rental at Elegant Engagements

$495 $1195 at Elegant Engagements - Living Social - Expires 08/17/15

After your big day, you'll want to look back and remember everyone sharing in your joy. You and all of your guests can take home or instantly share one-of-a-kind memorabilia...

King Spa NYC Coupons

Massage, Facial, or Waxing at King Spa NYC

$42 $60 at King Spa NYC - Living Social - Expires 08/17/15

With a sophisticated setting of beaded curtains, plush couches, and tranquil decor, this Brooklyn haven and its suite of relaxing services make for the ultimate escape: •...

Jolie Toi Salon & Spa Coupons

One Keratin Treatment at Jolie Toi Salon & Spa

$99 $250 at Jolie Toi Salon & Spa - Living Social - Expires 08/17/15

More than 14,500 Facebook fans!Jolie Toi Salon & Spa's master stylist Charbel Mousallem has tamed tresses all over the world. Reap the benefits of his globetrotting via his staff's trendsetting...

Harmony Pilates Coupons

Group Pliates with Optional Private Classes at Harmony Pilates

$40 $105 at Harmony Pilates - Living Social - Expires 08/15/15

For nearly 15 years, the talented team at Harmony Pilates has been helping practitioners of all ability levels get their minds and bodies working in unison. Benefit from their expertise...

"Bad with Money": VIP Package at "Bad with Money"

$20 $50 at "Bad with Money" - Living Social - Expires 11/03/14

Following the long-running success of his debut solo show "Patti Issues," writer-performer Ben Rimalower will premier his next project, "Bad with Money," with a two-month run at The Duplex, beginning...

Ticket to "The Gazillion Bubble Show" at "The Gazillion Bubble Show"

$45 $75 at "The Gazillion Bubble Show" - Living Social - Expires 10/29/14

Featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The David Letterman Show, and many more, The Gazillion Bubble Show is a veritable extravaganza of magic, incredible lighting effects, and, yes, bubbles galore....

Sedgwick-Russell Acting Classes Coupons

Six Weeks of Acting Classes at Sedgwick-Russell Acting Classes

$240 $480 at Sedgwick-Russell Acting Classes - Living Social - Expires 08/04/15

From the you-didn't-use-soy soliloquy at the espresso bar to the comedic back-and-forth about your ID with the bouncer, you're constantly honing your chops. With this deal from Sedgwick-Russell Acting Classes,...

Tennis World NYC Coupons

Private or Cardio Group Tennis Lessons at Tennis World NYC

$159 $324 at Tennis World NYC - Living Social - Expires 11/22/14

At two locations in Upper Manhattan, you can learn fundamentals or more advanced techniques alongside friendly, experienced tennis pros with this offer: • $159 ($324...

Queens Archery Coupons

90-Minute Archery Lesson for One or Two at Queens Archery

$16 $30 at Queens Archery - Living Social - Expires 10/17/14

More than 1,400 Facebook fans! Combining 30 minutes of instruction with a full hour of range time, the archery lessons offered at this 5,000-square-foot facility emphasize safety,...

One Body Mind Coupons

Your Choice of 28-Day Lifestyle Programs at One Body Mind

$199 $457 at One Body Mind - Living Social - Expires 08/15/15

The hustle and bustle of this city can take its toll on your body and mind -- refocus and rejuvenate with help from one of these comprehensive lifestyle plans: ...

All Star Studios Coupons

Three or Ten Dance Classes at All Star Studios

$37 $75 at All Star Studios - Living Social - Expires 08/08/15

You already love to groove -- develop that passion further by enrolling in adult classes at this Forest Hills studio. Here, talented dancers offer instruction on ballet, hip-hop, or a...

Mizu Sushi Coupons

Sushi Dinner for Two at Mizu Sushi

$33 $56 at Mizu Sushi - Living Social - Expires 11/21/14

Don't be fooled by the traditional menu at this Flatiron sushi spot -- "the chef has some tricks up his sleeve," says New York Magazine. Curious? Taste for yourself at...

Sunrise Mattress Coupons

$350 to Spend on Mattresses at Sunrise Mattress

$49 $350 at Sunrise Mattress - Living Social - Expires 08/14/15

This family-owned store has helped exhausted customers wake up refreshed and energized after a full night's sleep on premium mattresses such as Simmons and Tempur-Pedic, plus economical options by Springtime...

New You Laser Coupons

Laser Hair Removal at New You Laser

$75 $150 at New You Laser - Living Social - Expires 08/14/15

The pros at New You Laser use the FDA-approved Candela GentleMax Pro to target unwanted hair and leave you with smooth, touchable skin: • $75 ($150 value)...

Little Club Heads Coupons

Admission to a Kids' Dance Party at Little Club Heads

$8 $16 at Little Club Heads - Living Social - Expires 11/21/14

The childhood birthday party meets the New York nightclub during family-friendly afternoon dance parties hosted by Little Club Heads. Kids 1 to 10 years old are invited to the Broad...

Ticket to "MAMMA MIA!" at "MAMMA MIA!"

$67 $87 at "MAMMA MIA!" - Living Social - Expires 11/22/14

Since its London debut in 1999, "MAMMA MIA!" has become one of the most beloved and popular stage productions in the history of theater. Catch a performance of the classic...

Natsumi Coupons

Choice of Four Tapas and One Bottle of Wine at Natsumi

$40 $90 at Natsumi - Living Social - Expires 08/13/15

This elegant, Zagat-rated establishment stands out in the ever-strong NYC culinary scene with delicious and inventive Japanese-Italian fusion cuisine: • $40 ($90 value) for a choice of...

Looking Nice Spa Salon Coupons

Keratin Treatment at Looking Nice Spa Salon

$75 $90 at Looking Nice Spa Salon - Living Social - Expires 08/12/15

More than 1,200 Facebook fans! Make an entrance into any room, party, subway train -- you name it -- with the help of these beauty pros. Your...

Uncle Sam's New York Tours Coupons

NYC Walking Tours at Uncle Sam's New York Tours

$15 $30 at Uncle Sam's New York Tours - Living Social - Expires 12/30/14

Take the concrete jungle by foot -- at the helm of an expert city guide, of course -- when you embark on one of Uncle Sam's New York Tours: ...

Ghosts of New York Coupons

90-Minute Ghost Walking Tour for One at Ghosts of New York

$10 $20 at Ghosts of New York - Living Social - Expires 11/27/14

Ghosts of New York, the Big Apple's oldest all-year ghost walking tour company, boasts a wide variety of ghost walks that take place both indoors and out. Explore paranormal phenomena...

Medici 21 Coupons

$50 to Spend on Food and Drink for Two at Medici 21

$25 $50 at Medici 21 - Living Social - Expires 11/20/14

In the heart of the Financial District, you'll find the soul of Italian cuisine. This newly opened two-floor restaurant on Rector Street glows with spindly chandeliers, making the ambiance as...

Lombardi's Pizza and Steak Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at Lombardi's Pizza and Steak

$15 $30 at Lombardi's Pizza and Steak - Double Take Deals - Expires 09/23/14

Nothing brings friends and family together like pizza, and the stretchy melted cheese keeps you together since it refuses to snap. Celebrate your love of pizza and the eternal...

Mantra Coupons

$25 For $50 Worth Of Fine Indian Cuisine at Mantra

$25 $50 at Mantra - Double Take Deals - Expires 09/23/14

Some treasures are buried mid-desert only to be located by an ambiguous mark on a dusty map; others are lost to the bosom of the endless sea, casualties of a...

Penang Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Malaysian & Thai Cuisine at Penang

$15 $30 at Penang - Double Take Deals - Expires 09/23/14

Like floating down a lemongrass basil river in a pad Thai pontoon, when you visit Penang, you’ll get a harmonic sense of balance between luxurious tranquility and overwhelmingly tasty dishes....

Seas and Savannahs Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of International Cuisine at Seas and Savannahs

$20 $40 at Seas and Savannahs - Double Take Deals - Expires 09/23/14

World travel can be expensive, exhausting and fraught with perils like lost passports, questionable cab drivers and exotic creepy-crawlies. It’s so much easier to let your taste buds do the...

Solari's Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of Italian Cuisine at Solari's

$20 $40 at Solari's - Double Take Deals - Expires 09/23/14

Those delicious Italian sauces may be nearly impossible to remove from blouses, dress shirts and ceiling tiles, but they’re also impossible to resist when they’re made by the chefs at...

The Sikdang Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Korean Fusion Dining at The Sikdang

$15 $30 at The Sikdang - Double Take Deals - Expires 09/23/14

Amongst world cuisines, only the Amish can give the Koreans a run for the title of “Best Use Of Cabbage,” but they ultimately fall short due to the difficulty involved...

Roses of  Englewood Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Lebanese Cuisine at Roses of Englewood

$15 $30 at Roses of Englewood - Double Take Deals - Expires 09/23/14

Kabobs, aside from being an enjoyable nickname for anyone named Karobert, are like savory passports to an exotic land for your taste buds. Take a flavorful journey to...

Indulgence Hair Bar Coupons

Manicures or Lash Extensions at Indulgence Hair Bar

$25 $50 at Indulgence Hair Bar - Living Social - Expires 08/11/15

With a motto like "looking good is just the beginning" and a name like "Indulgence," it's easy to believe this Harlem beauty bar -- located in Askeya by Marion Salon...

Confidence Beauty Salon Coupons

Salon Services at Confidence Beauty Salon

$99 $250 at Confidence Beauty Salon - Living Social - Expires 08/11/15

This high-end Gramercy spa distinguishes itself from other area beauty businesses by only employing licensed estheticians with at least ten years of experience: • $99 ($250 value)...

Pure Health Services Coupons

Massage + Chiropractic Consult; or More at Pure Health Services

$39 $85 at Pure Health Services - Living Social - Expires 08/04/15

Committed to addressing clients' complete wellness, the highly experienced team at this Red Bank chiropractic practice use the latest methods to discover imbalances and apply treatments designed to relieve them:...

Advanced Vision Care Coupons

Eye Exam and $225 to Spend on Glasses at Advanced Vision Care

$30 $315 at Advanced Vision Care - Living Social - Expires 08/04/15

Committed to providing personalized service -- and good-looking specs -- to every client, the attentive staff at this Upper East Side office can help you see more clearly, and in...