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A Thriving Mind Coupons

One-Hour Hypnotherapy Session via Phone at A Thriving Mind

$49 $200 at A Thriving Mind - Living Social - Expires 10/08/15

There are tons of reasons why actually getting to a hypnotherapy office might be difficult, but A Thriving Mind has a solution: hypnotherapy via phone or video call. Focus on...

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$45 $89 at "DISENCHANTED!" - Living Social - Expires 06/05/15

You've seen them in movies, TV shows, and massive amounts of merchandise... but you've never seen your favorite fairy tale princesses quite like this. In "DISENCHANTED!," Snow White, Cinderella, Hua...

Nutritious Life Coupons

One-Hour Nutritional Consultation at Nutritious Life

$125 $250 at Nutritious Life - Living Social - Expires 10/08/15

More than 10,600 Facebook likes! You know those candy bars that sit right next to the register -- the way-too-tempting ones that stare you down as you're...

Duct Scrub Coupons

Air Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning at Duct Scrub

$25 $250 at Duct Scrub - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

There are myriad reasons to employ an air duct cleaning crew. Not only will squeaky clean ducts improve your home's air quality, it can also save you time on dusting...

Eco Air-Care Coupons

Air Duct Cleaning Package at Eco Air-Care

$39 $240 at Eco Air-Care - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

Most of us don't spend a lot of time thinking about our air ducts, but the dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander collected inside them can circulate through the air...

Dr. Steven Johnson Coupons

Dental Exam, Cleaning, and X-Rays at Dr. Steven Johnson

$49 $450 at Dr. Steven Johnson - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

If your smile is getting a little lackluster lately, there's no need to worry -- Dr. Johnson and his experienced team on the Upper East Side are at your service:...

Zenthea Coupons

Full Digital Invisalign Treatment at Zenthea

$3500 $7500 at Zenthea - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

As you slip into a plush robe, kick back in a speaker-embedded leather chair, and are soothed by aromatherapy, you'll think you're at a spa, not of one of the...

CitiFloral Coupons

$100 to Spend on Loose Wrapped Cut Flowers at CitiFloral

$25 $50 at CitiFloral - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

Flowers can make any day special: Whether it's an anniversary or just another Tuesday, bring some beauty into your life with fresh flowers from this shop, which has been delighting...

Duct Dogs Coupons

Air Duct Cleaning and Furnace Inspection at Duct Dogs

$49 $240 at Duct Dogs - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

Help to reduce energy costs and reduce your risk of a house fire with help from this reputable team of home-savvy professionals: • $49 ($240 value) for...

My Air Duct Coupons

Chimney Cleaning and Dryer Vent Inspection at My Air Duct

$55 $160 at My Air Duct - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

Let the certified, experienced technicians with this local company keep your family safe this season with a thorough chimney cleaning: • $55 ($160 value) for a chimney...

1-800-BARTEND Coupons

Bartender Certification PE at 1-800-BARTEND

$99 $390 at 1-800-BARTEND - Living Social - Expires 10/07/15

Gain valuable knowledge and employable skills with this offer from 1-800-BARTEND -- you'll be the life of the party (and that's before you consider tips): • $99...

Bio Skin Laser Coupons

Six Laser Hair-Removal Sessions at Bio Skin Laser

$99 $350 at Bio Skin Laser - Living Social - Expires 10/05/15

At this high-end med-spa, a board-certified physician with 20 years of experience uses an FDA-cleared laser device designed to remove unwanted hair for stable long-term or permanent hair reduction --...

Brainiac's Childcare Coupons

Two or Four Nights of Childcare at Brainiac's Childcare

$30 $60 at Brainiac's Childcare - Living Social - Expires 10/05/15

A licensed childcare facility with a certified and trained staff, Brainiac's is a great option if you're having trouble finding a sitter. Leave the little one in a safe, fun,...

Spencer Pilates Arts Coupons

Five Mat, Yoga, and Barre Classes at Spencer Pilates Arts

$39 $90 at Spencer Pilates Arts - Living Social - Expires 10/05/15

Named Best of the Boro in 2013 by The Queens Courier, Spencer Pilates Arts of Forest Hills features body-strengthening sessions in a sleek studio replete with natural light: ...

Paws in Chelsea Coupons

One Month of Weekday Doggy Day Care at Paws in Chelsea

$330 $670 at Paws in Chelsea - Living Social - Expires 10/05/15

Give your four-legged friend a break from the loneliness of being home alone with this deal from Paws in Chelsea: • $330 ($670 value) for one month...

NYC Steam Cleaning Coupons

Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, or Sofa Cleaning at NYC Steam Cleaning

$19 $100 at NYC Steam Cleaning - Living Social - Expires 10/05/15

Trained in IICRC-approved methods and wielding top-of-the-line truck-mounted equipment, this team boasts more than 20 years of experience cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Let them help get yours looking like...

Broadway Ticket to "Nevermore" at "Nevermore"

$39 $95 at "Nevermore" - Living Social - Expires 04/25/15

The acclaimed Broadway show, "Nevermore – The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe,"captures the haunting tale of iconic American writer Edgar Allen Poe. Take part in his...

We Clean Spotless Coupons

House or Tile and Grout Cleaning at We Clean Spotless

$50 $115 at We Clean Spotless - Living Social - Expires 05/09/15

"Our agents take cleaning seriously," says the team at We Clean Spotless -- which is why this crew offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each tidy service: ...

Ticket to "MAMMA MIA!" on Broadway at "MAMMA MIA!

$99 $140 at "MAMMA MIA! - Living Social - Expires 04/04/15

Since its London debut in 1999, "MAMMA MIA!" has become one of the most beloved and popular stage productions in the history of theater. Catch a performance of the classic...

Ticket to "Sistas the Musical" at "Sistas the Musical"

$35 $69 at "Sistas the Musical" - Living Social - Expires 05/29/15

Produced by three-time Tony Award-winner Hinton Battle, "Sistas the Musical" presents an insightful look at what it means to be family via the music made famous by Billie Holiday, Erykah...

Arepas Grill Coupons

Prix-Fixe Venezuelan Dinner with Arepas for Two at Arepas Grill

$19 $44 at Arepas Grill - Living Social - Expires 07/04/15

South American flavor meets slick, city style within this Zagat-rated Astoria restaurant, which specializes in the arepa -- a Venezuelan flatbread paired with classic Spanish complements, like cheese and avocado:...

Fuerza Bruta Wayra Coupons

Ticket to "Fuerza Bruta" at Fuerza Bruta Wayra

$49 $99 at Fuerza Bruta Wayra - Living Social - Expires 03/29/15

Bringing the hit Off-Broadway show Fuerza Bruta back to New York City after a decade of worldwide success, Fuerza Bruta is an uninhibited and unforgettable show you have to see...

Herradura Tequila Coupons

Herradura Tequila Mixology Class at Herradura Tequila

$49 $95 at Herradura Tequila - Living Social - Expires 03/29/15

If your knowledge of tequila begins and ends with the margarita, you're missing out on a world of nuance and flavor. That's OK -- this offer will teach you to...

Kid'z Musik Coupons

Five Children's Music Classes at Kid'z Musik

$60 $125 at Kid'z Musik - Living Social - Expires 08/06/15

Passionate about early childhood education, mastermind and musician Mr. Joe created Kid'z Musik to foster confidence, creativity, and a love of rhythm with fun and lively music classes -- for...

Orchestra Ticket to "Perfect Crime" at "Perfect Crime"

$30 $68 at "Perfect Crime" - Living Social - Expires 07/29/15

Called "NYC's little mystery thriller that could" by, Perfect Crime has been delighting audiences with its tale of murder and mystery since 1987. Take this offer, and head to...

Data Works NYC Coupons

Five Tape-to-DVD Conversions at Data Works NYC

$50 $100 at Data Works NYC - Living Social - Expires 10/05/15

Make sure you preserve your most precious memories in the right way with this deal from Data Works NYC: • $50 ($100 value) for five tape-to-DVD conversions,...

Dynamix Cycle & Pilates Coupons

Ten Fitness Classes at Dynamix Cycle & Pilates

$70 $180 at Dynamix Cycle & Pilates - Living Social - Expires 09/29/15

A welcoming and motivational environment awaits at this studio -- outfitted with premier equipment to facilitate fitness progress, this workout haven boasts a team of certified instructors who aim to...

Kids 'N Comedy Coupons

Four Tickets to Kids 'N Comedy at Kids 'N Comedy

$30 $60 at Kids 'N Comedy - Living Social - Expires 05/15/15

If Mozart was composing symphonies at age five then surely kids these days can deliver a good punch line before they hit high school. See kid comedians in the spotlight...

ArteVino Studio Coupons

BYOB Painting Class for One, Two, or Four at ArteVino Studio

$45 $90 at ArteVino Studio - Living Social - Expires 04/28/15

Every time you step into this Hoboken studio, a relaxed, vibrant painting party is already waiting for you. Just claim an easel, fill your palette with colors, and let your...

Ticket to "Bad Dancing" at "Bad Dancing"

$29 $54 at "Bad Dancing" - Living Social - Expires 04/12/15

Mark your calendars -- on select dates in February, March, and April, you'll have your chance to attend, "Bad Dancing," the world championships of the worst dancing across the globe....

FightWorksNYC Coupons

Three or Five Cardio Kickboxing Classes at FightWorksNYC

$19 $105 at FightWorksNYC - Living Social - Expires 09/22/15

With a motto like "unleash your fierce," it's obvious that press-adored instructor Angie Lee at FightWorksNYC doesn't mess around. Kick extra pounds to the curb during Angie's signature workouts:...

Drunk Shakespeare Coupons

Ticket to Drunk Shakespeare at Drunk Shakespeare

$29 $ at Drunk Shakespeare - Living Social - Expires 04/29/15

This isn't the Shakespeare you read in high school. To quote the New York Times, this show is "rowdiness and debauchery," and "a live-action Drunk History" according to TimeOut Magazine....

E Unique Beauty Spa Coupons

Massage, Facial, or Body Treatment at E Unique Beauty Spa

$39 $98 at E Unique Beauty Spa - Living Social - Expires 08/04/15

Tucked away in the heart of Chinatown you'll find this retreat, where experienced estheticians are dedicated to creating a comfortable, rejuvenating space. Book an appointment around your busy schedule --...

Joseph Mason Studios Coupons

Engagement or Wedding Photography Package at Joseph Mason Studios

$150 $300 at Joseph Mason Studios - Living Social - Expires 04/18/15

One of the most important choices when it comes to wedding planning, finding the right photographer is essential for properly commemorating your special day. We're here to help with this...

GGI Tax Service Coupons

Personal Tax Return at GGI Tax Service

$125 $350 at GGI Tax Service - Living Social - Expires 04/19/15

If that dreaded day in April has you wishing you could turn back the calendar, breathe a little easier with a hand from these pros who will help you maximize...

Cornucopia Cruise Line Coupons

Dinner or Lunch Cruise for Two at Cornucopia Cruise Line

$89 $149 at Cornucopia Cruise Line - Living Social - Expires 04/15/15

With your love by your side, cocktail in hand, and breathtaking views of the river, an evening or afternoon with Cornucopia Cruise Line is sure to create memories that linger...

Central Park Astrology Coupons

Tarot Card or Tea Leaf Reading at Central Park Astrology

$25 $75 at Central Park Astrology - Living Social - Expires 09/22/15

For more than 25 years, Sarah Ashely has been making predictions and offering guidance for individuals experiencing confusion or anxiety in their lives. Pay Sarah a visit and find direction...

Sheila Kelley S Factor Coupons

Pole Dancing Classes at Sheila Kelley S Factor

$20 $40 at Sheila Kelley S Factor - Living Social - Expires 08/26/15

Sure, you work out to look good, so why not look good and feel good while you're working out? At Sheila Kelley S Factor, gals trade sneakers for heels and...