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Carmine's Coupons

Admission to Carmine's Cookbook Launch Party at Carmine's

$150 $225 at Carmine's - Living Social - Expires 11/02/14

Thanks to its legendary family-style Italian meals, Carmine's is out to make every day feel like Sunday at Grandma's house. Be there when a new generation of Italian recipes are...

Brooklyn Night Bazaar Coupons

Entry to the Bazaar for Two at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

$38 $54 at Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Living Social - Expires 02/27/15

More than 28,100 Facebook likes! A market, street fair, and nightclub all rolled into one, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is in a class all its own....

IHOP Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at IHOP

$15 $30 at IHOP - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

Morning, noon, or night, IHOP is ready to quiet your grumbling stomach. Come on in, settle into a booth and get your syrup-pouring arm ready - it’s pancake time! ...

Lunchbox Coupons

$10 For $20 Worth Of Casual Dining at Lunchbox

$10 $20 at Lunchbox - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

The one thing that got most of us through 4th period algebra was the promise of a lunchbox filled with our favorite foods and a distinct lack of linear equations....

Fresh U Juice Bar Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Healthful Dining at Fresh U Juice Bar

$15 $30 at Fresh U Juice Bar - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

Young academicians across the nation are studying in and outside of the classroom on how to best keep America’s vitality, energy and health at optimum levels. From countless nights poring...

Thai Fresh Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Thai Food at Thai Fresh

$15 $30 at Thai Fresh - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

You’ve shopped for neckties, you’ve sipped a fine Mai Tai and perhaps you’ve even signed up for Muay Thai classes. Time to try a new Thai when you visit Thai...

A'lure Hair Design Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Salon Service at A'lure Hair Design

$15 $30 at A'lure Hair Design - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

Putting off getting your hair done for too long will only lead to the inevitable: seeing your high school crush and his perfect, fresh-from-the-salon wife. Eww. With help from...

Salon Marcel Coupons

$55 For $110 Worth Of Any Salon Services at Salon Marcel

$55 $110 at Salon Marcel - Double Take Deals - Expires 11/02/14

The earliest hair highlights were pioneered by fashion-forward femmes who would don miner hats to give a subtle amber glow to their silky locks. Add incandescence to your muted mane....

Madison Dental Spa Coupons

Invisalign Records with Consultation at Madison Dental Spa

$349 $750 at Madison Dental Spa - Living Social - Expires 09/15/15

Unleash the true beauty of your smile without the cumbersome look of braces with an Invisalign treatment from Dr. Robin A. Nathanson, Dr Adam R Salm, and the well-trained...

Nice N' Natural Market Coupons

$20 to Spend on All-Natural Eats & Juices at Nice N' Natural Market

$10 $20 at Nice N' Natural Market - Living Social - Expires 09/07/15

This cafe offers health-conscious patrons a made-fresh-daily juice bar fully stocked with dairy- and preservative-free specialty beverages, along with food favorites like signature lentil squash soup, a homemade hummus &...

Bayside Spa Coupons

Facial; Massage; or Microdermabrasion at Bayside Spa

$19 $48 at Bayside Spa - Living Social - Expires 09/03/15

When making a first impression, your face is the first thing people notice. Introduce yourself with a fresh visage and outlook by indulging in a skincare treatment or rejuvenating massage...

Climax Brewing Company Coupons

Brewery Tour for Two People at Climax Brewing Company

$15 $30 at Climax Brewing Company - Living Social - Expires 08/31/15

Climax Brewing is run by the father-son team of Dave and Kurt Hoffmann, who use fresh grains and whole-leaf hops to produce acclaimed ales and lagers. Watch them mill the...

Sátis Bistro Coupons

Prix-Fixe Dinner for Two at Sátis Bistro

$59 $118 at Sátis Bistro - Living Social - Expires 11/02/14

More than 1,200 likes on Facebook! With an ambiance that exudes cozy fall charm and a historic location right in the heart of Jersey City, this eatery...

Asbury Park Coupons

Ticket to Asbury Park Haunted Hall at Asbury Park

$10 $15 at Asbury Park - Living Social - Expires 10/29/14

The hallways are narrow and the rooms are small and dark -- but that's what makes the Asbury Park Haunted Hall so much fun. See if you can spot the...

The Little Grocery Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Casual Dining at The Little Grocery

$15 $30 at The Little Grocery - Double Take Deals - Expires 10/31/14

Prepared foods, much like Boy Scouts, are always ready and look sharp in neckerchiefs. Tie up some savings with this DoubleTake Deal, good for $30 of delicious prepared...

Al Cavaliere Coupons

$15 For $30 Worth Of Fine Italian Dining at Al Cavaliere

$15 $30 at Al Cavaliere - Double Take Deals - Expires 10/31/14

Like chivalrous knights in days of old, your desire for delicious dining takes you on epic journeys in search of tantalizing yet satisfying dining. End your quest with...

Maharaja Palace Coupons

$40 to Spend on Indian Food at Maharaja Palace

$20 $40 at Maharaja Palace - Living Social - Expires 09/15/15

Savor the bold and fiery flavors of far-flung lands at this Madison Avenue spot: • $20 for $40 to spend on food and drink from the extensive...

Whole Health Medspa Coupons

Six Laser Hair-Removal Sessions at Whole Health Medspa

$99 $1200 at Whole Health Medspa - Living Social - Expires 09/15/15

Nestled among the historic, elaborately designed buildings in SoHo is this cozy medspa, where laser hair removal is just one of the expert treatments provided. Save time and see longer-term...

Bistro 1051 Coupons

$40 to Spend on Food and Drink at Bistro 1051

$20 $40 at Bistro 1051 - Living Social - Expires 10/31/14

This Clark resto fashions Asian porcelain floors, exposed brick walls, reclaimed woodwork, and antique light fixtures for a unique interior, and the menu of Italian fare and sushi keeps the... Coupons

Halloween-Themed Cruises at

$15 $30 at - Living Social - Expires 10/29/14

Halloween was meant to be celebrated in full-out costume, so it makes sense that these two festive cruises are such a hit with Big Apple residents. Each sets out from...

Trailcrushers Boot Camp Coupons

Five Boot Camp Classes at Trailcrushers Boot Camp

$42 $90 at Trailcrushers Boot Camp - Living Social - Expires 09/15/15

Aside from getting a fantastic workout, the fitness enthusiasts who join a Trailcrushers' session spend some quality time in Prospect Park. Sounds like a great idea to us (and don't...

Arepas Grill Coupons

Pre-Fixe Venezuelan Dinner for Two or Four at Arepas Grill

$19 $44 at Arepas Grill - Living Social - Expires 01/14/15

South American flavor meets slick, city style within this Zagat-rated Astoria restaurant, which specializes in the arepa -- a Venezuelan flatbread paired with classic Spanish complements, like cheese and avocado:...

Literally Alive Coupons

Ticket to "A Christmas Carol" Musical at Literally Alive

$29 $35 at Literally Alive - Living Social - Expires 12/28/14

Ring in the holiday season on a high note with an outing to see this musical adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" at The Players Theatre, an intimate 199-seat venue on...

Posto 22 Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of Fine Italian Dining at Posto 22

$20 $40 at Posto 22 - Double Take Deals - Expires 10/28/14

While it’s not in one’s best interest to judge a book by its cover, there’s no denying that quality can be assessed within the first few moments of stepping into...

90 Park Restaurant Coupons

$25 For $50 Worth Of Italian Dining at 90 Park Restaurant

$25 $50 at 90 Park Restaurant - Double Take Deals - Expires 10/28/14

The Mona Lisa, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Ferraris weren’t built by people eating chicken fingers at chain restaurants. On the contrary, these majestic feats were accomplished on...

Vb3 Coupons

$20 For $40 Worth Of Italian Cuisine at Vb3

$20 $40 at Vb3 - Double Take Deals - Expires 10/28/14

Italians are traditionally known for their many loves—their love of romance, their love of fine food, and their love of fine wine & spirits. VB3 brings these traditional...

Flawless Coupons

$40, $60, or $80 to Spend on Photo Retouching at Flawless

$20 $40 at Flawless - Living Social - Expires 09/01/15

Flawless's artistic touch is obvious when it comes to retouching -- just check out these cool before-and-after photos for a sneak peek at its staff's talents. Give your photographs the...

King Relax Center Coupons

60- or 90-Minute Massage at King Relax Center

$59 $100 at King Relax Center - Living Social - Expires 09/14/15

Daily appointments and an array of tailored massage offerings make this Flushing wellness center your relaxation destination. Pick your passion: • $59 ($100 value) for a 60-minute...

Ticket to "Odd Birdz" at "Odd Birdz"

$32 $45 at "Odd Birdz" - Living Social - Expires 11/17/14

Don't miss "Odd Birdz," the American premiere from Tziporela, an award-winning Israeli theatre troupe. After years of selling out performances around the world, they're finally bringing their unique blend of...

DavidBartonGym Coupons

One-Month Gym Membership at DavidBartonGym

$59 $225 at DavidBartonGym - Living Social - Expires 10/27/14

More than 16,900 Facebook likes! Featured in Vanity Fair, People, and The New York Times, DavidBartonGym truly flips the conventional workout experience on its head. With this...