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Message << Older Topic   Newer Topic >> - 7/19/2005 12:25:30 PM   

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From: Anywhere and Everywhere.......
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Victim of a consumer Rip-off? Want justice? Rip-off Report™ is a worldwide consumer reporting Website & Publication, by consumers, for consumers, to file & document complaints about companies or individuals who ripoff consumers.

Unlike the Better Business Bureau, / Rip-off Report™ does not hide reports of "satisfied" complaints. ALL complaints remain public in order to create a working history on the company or individual in question; unedited.

Rip-off Reports cover every category imaginable! You can Browse the latest Reports, Search the Reports, or submit your report now for FREE, by clicking on File Report.


Your Rip-off Report will be discovered by millions of consumers! Search engines will automatically discover most reports. This means that within just a few days or weeks; your report may be found on search engines when consumers search, using key words relating to your Rip-off Report.


Search the Rip-off Report™ before you do business with retail stores with bad return policies, checking & credit theft, rebate fraud or other unscrupulous business policies such as phony auto repairs, auto dealer bait-and-switch tactics, restaurants with bad service or food, corrupt government employees & politicians, police corruption, home builders, contractors, unethical doctors &lawyers, online stores that sell non-existent products, dead beat dads & moms, landlords & tenants, fraudulent employment & business opportunities, and individual con artists who scam consumers. These are just a few of the countless topics available, and the list is continually modified as new categories emerge.


Filing a Rip-off Report™ is important because you are helping us to help you, and others like you, achieve justice. We are able to accomplish this by working with the proper authorities for prosecution, and working with lawyers by using your report to help organize lawsuits. It is important that you know that your information is held strictly confidential, and your identity is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

We will contact you if a lawsuit is being considered or has been filed which you may want to be a party to. The more reports filed on a company or individual, the more likely it is that the authorities and attorneys will want to take action.


Quite often the media is interested in the reports you filed and ask us to assist in their investigations giving you the publicity needed to help your cause. File your Report now! In the event your Rip-off Report™ is of interest to the media, we will put you in contact with them. Rip-off Report™ works regularly with most TV News Magazines & Networks and their affiliates, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News and local and National newspapers including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Auto Motive News.



If you are a business with a report(s) filed against you, you have a chance to make it right. If handled correctly, Rip-off Report(s) against you can actually help improve your reputation. We offer you the opportunity to file a REBUTTAL to any report. (See the REBUTTAL BOX at the end of the specific Rip-off Report™ you wish to rebut). Every company receives complaints, but how they handle those complaints separates good business from bad business.


If you are an employee or ex-employee with privileged or insider information about a reported company or individual, please click on the REBUTTAL box at the end of the Rip-off Report™ to post your comments. This sort of information is often very helpful to an investigation.


Employees who want to expose corruption should file a Rip-off Report™. Any employees who do so should be protected by Federal Whistleblower Laws, additionally; Rip-off Report™ treats all victims as a confidential source. Remember, we are a publication; and we will never voluntarily reveal your identity. Instead we will protect our sources under the First Amendment of the US Constitution


Consumers, just because a company or individual is reported on Rip-off Report™ does not necessarily mean you should not do business with them. By reading the experiences of other consumers, you will now be able to make more educated decisions, because now you know what to watch for.


Faxing your Rip-off Report™ to the Company or Individual you have just reported can serve as a very valuable negotiating tool. Include in your negotiation that you have the ability to UPDATE your Report and reflect their good business practices by explaining that their eagerness to satisfy the complaint and make things right will be seen by the entire world. Also, explain that failure to respond/rectify the situation will also be seen.

YOU MUST NOT call them threatening to file a report if they do not comply with your demands. this may be construed as blackmail! You must first file a Rip-off Report™, then fax them a copy, offering them a chance to rectify the wrong that they did to you. Explain that then, and only then, you will UPDATE your Rip-off Report™ in a positive way; if deserved.



Victims & attorneys who are interested in pursuing litigation against a particular company reported on this website may contact us directly. It is inappropriate to solicit business using this website other than through prior arrangement. This is largely because we need to ensure, the best we can, that our readers are not being taken advantage of again.

If you see a company with a good number of Rip-off Reports™, we have the database of contact information. We will e-mail those victims to contact you. Often we have additional information which does not appear on the victims Rip-off Report™. We receive thousands of e-mails weekly on Rip-off businesses. We also have contact data on many of those victims as well.

We are anxious and willing to join forces with victims and attorneys to stand up for the rights of consumers and help them get justice. E-mail us. Both victims and attorneys should send their e-mails to:


Many government sites (and the BBB) are only in place to collect all the information from you, the consumer; in most cases, never making it available for others to see. Listing your complaint on many government sites is usually no better than filing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In fact, utilizing such sites is often just a waste of time; giving you false hope. Perhaps most frustrating is that the federal agencies tasked to investigate these disreputable enterprises receive tax dollars to do so, yet come to for the results of our investigations and data, which we collect at no cost to the consumer while benefiting them.

By failing to make this information available publicly, it makes it harder for consumers to get educated about exactly what scams they should watch for.In addition, when these agencies fail to make these individual complaints public, consumers are robbed of the opportunity to know how bad a company or Individual really is, and why.

On the other hand, many government agencies have and do come to the Rip-off Report™ for information. We have assisted, and continue to assist many government agencies for some time now, including local and state police departments, the FBI, FTC and Attorney General offices from around the country

Since all the Reports are out in the open for everyone to see, in a way, this embarrasses these agencies into doing something about these scams when they see so many Reports on a Company or Individual.

Unfortunately, many (not all) Attorney General Offices and government agencies will not move against a rip-off unless there will be some sort of publicity, associated with some political hay to be made. Additionally, they normally won't take action if the Rip-off does not exceed $50,000. However, your reports have helped to change this. Reporting your experiences on Rip-off Report™ is the next best thing to getting your story on TV or in a newspaper. In fact, many national TV networks and several local TV stations from all around the country come to the Rip-off Report™ for information. They do this because they know that the BBB, Attorney Generals, and other agencies are not reliable or cooperative sources when compared to Rip-off Report™. News stations know that they will get information from us that are unobtainable elsewhere.

Rip-off Report™ has instigated many local and national stories that have resulted in help for victims worldwide, in one way or another. Now that the government has cut back spending even more in this area, this dollar amount required to get the attention of investigative agencies will likely get even higher. This means that we can expect even less action since fewer people and resources will be available to work on all these rip-offs.

Additionally, by filing a Rip-off Report™, you might be contacted by one of us to notify you to make contact with a law firm that has shown interest in your case. We get requests every week for class action lawsuits; bringing victims together with lawyers willing to sue the company after reading your filed Rip-off Report™.


Because the night is dark.......and full of terrors.....
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RE: - 3/8/2006 6:03:13 PM   

Posts: 272
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I was cheated by a vendor at Ebay. I did not think it looked like real turquoise. I had saved the auction page. My gemologist confirmed my suspicions, and also stated that the stones were glued in. The stones were not even created stones, they were plastic.
I returned the item, with insurance; they signed for it; and to-date, no refund. They now have their own store, jewelrydays, stay clear. The payment was made at Paypal, part of Ebay, and they refuse to credit my account. The post office was originally going to give my money, but then they found the signed receipt. I returned the necklace with the company's permission.
I will never shop at Ebay again. Too many problems, even with honest vendors.
My gemologist & another store in the mall advised me not to buy jewelry from them. However, my Uncle sold my aunts costume jewelry there w/o my knowledge. Some of it was worth a fortune. I don't know why he did not ask me. I love jewelry.
I also complained to the Post Office about receiving fake goods (several time), but I have not heard back. I spent hours submitting complaints to the post office & any other agency that took consumer complaints.

< Message edited by Zotherredhead -- 3/8/2006 6:07:43 PM >
RE: - 3/18/2006 10:38:36 AM   


Posts: 41
Joined: 2/13/2006
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thanks for the suggestion! i tried reporting to the BBB, but BBB does not have an office in arizona where has their offices. so, BBB could not help me. i will try this site to report i too will never deal with that edealer ever again. only the main ones like if they can issue an RMA for the defective merchandise and not hit you with any restocking fee, that id the company for me. would not even issue me an RMA. i am still stuck with an expensive gos that does not work, lowrance does dont recognize as an authorized dealer, so eBuyer and lowrance are two company i will not want to deal with!

< Message edited by ipod -- 3/18/2006 11:00:48 AM >
RE: - 4/23/2006 7:23:26 PM   


Posts: 400
Joined: 4/10/2005
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from my understanding it does not matter where they are located, the bbb is nationwide, and as for the post office, forget it, they could careless, believe me i know, have had numerous problems with them for years
RE: - 6/7/2006 12:31:52 AM   

Posts: 272
Joined: 6/5/2004
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As soon as someone signs for your "insured mail" that's it; the post office does not have to reimburse you. The post office has lost my paperwork on numerous occasions; I've even filled out on-line fraud forms, get an e-mail from the USPS, and never hear from them again. TG I copied; so I submit the complaint or insurance claim again. I've taken copies of copies to the post office to the post master. He called me once.
Another thing I experienced was a company going bankrupt. I sent a camera (insured) to the co. for in-warranty repair. They ended up sending me a bunch of junk to settle.
Anyway, stay away from Jewelry Days. They ripped me off at Ebay. They signed for the necklace. I have all their e-mail. They are telling Ripoffs that they never sold at Ebay; they have the same name (also BGConcepts), same LA address, and the same poor English grammer. I have the e-mail stating that they would have their own on-line store; I wonder why. Oh, same phone no, too.
The BBB, what a joke. I tried to get their help with my landlord, who has broken my lease whenever they feel like it, as my county does not have an Office of Consumer Affairs or Tenant/Landlord affairs. After all the trouble, I'm told by the BBB that they do not cover apts.
Another site for help is HALT in Washington, DC. The aforesaid problem, well I had a lawsuit, and my lawyer...well did not do anything he promised. Turned out the mgmt's lawyer was an old friend of his from law school. It took a long time to get the case together myself. My husband and I spoke to this attorney for 3 hours; now do you think he would have wasted his time if I did not have a good case? There are organizations, one is Baltimore Neighborhood, that is supposed to help tenants, but their hands are tied. I had Legal Aide, but the lawyer quit; however, the head of Legal Aide wrote to my landlord. They actually broke the law on more than one issue, not just my lease.
Lastly, I just found out that someone stole my password/personal info at Ebay 3 years ago. I received a phisching e-mail from "Ebay" asking for my credit card. I sent it to my ISP. The e-mail did not go to my registered Ebay address, either. I tried logging in to Ebay, and a message appeared saying I was banned. After 1 1/2 I found out that security was breached. They sent me a formal e-mail. That same mo. someone stole money out of my checking account, I've had strange charges on my Verizon bill, and assorted other wierd charges. It is not linked to security on this computer. Why didn't they write me? This happened 3 years ago, and I think I know who did itmmmm I have their toll-free no. on one of my old cell phones if anyone needs to contact them. Yes, they have a phone no. At this time, I am not going to call them until I call the FBI and a lawyer.
Now the merchandise that I received from JDays was a fake. I notified my credit card co. (my own bank) and they said they did not receive the letter. My 2 checks were cashed. The letter contained witness statements, my gemologist's statement, and you just could not miss the documents. Anyway, JDays said return it, & no refund to this day, although they signed for it.
The BBB is a joke.


If it's too good to be true, then you know what to do.
RE: - 10/25/2006 7:17:27 AM   

Posts: 272
Joined: 6/5/2004
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I reported to Ripoffreports. This company occupies the same building. My necklace was signed for; now if it was not their property, then they should have refused it.
They occupied that building in LA the same time as Jewelrydays. The grammar used is the same.
Swear Up & down they were not the same company.
Well, I have a copy of the registered, return receipt mail. My necklace was accepted. ...
Does anyone know, I've been digging and doing my homework.
Now this is Ebay one time a link at Ebay, showing JDays as no longer registered, took you, guess where, ....
Same building, different suite.
I'm tired. I'll be back
Thanks for your help.


If it's too good to be true, then you know what to do.
Ripoffreport .com is being shut down by the Internet De... - 2/3/2007 9:42:30 AM   


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Ripoffreport .com is really down.
Internet Defamation league is kicking thier ass. hehehe
On February 2 2007 the Defamation League Initiated a take down of all of ED Magedson Websites
We accomplished this by bringing down the two security hosting layers he had in front of his site. At this point we know his actual host and True IP adress.

Letters have been sent to the hosting company responsible and we will see what direction they take. It is the members of Defamation League that make this possible. Keep up the effort and good work. We Will Force ED to Remove Defaming Info on our members.

Your personal information has been edited out since you posted this exact post all over the net already today. I think you are just trying to get people to your site. How does it feel to have your freedom of speech taken away? ~BlondeMoment

< Message edited by BlondeMoment -- 2/3/2007 11:33:11 PM >
RE: Ripoffreport .com is being shut down by the Interne... - 2/3/2007 10:43:09 PM   


Posts: 6520
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From: louisiana
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Defamation Leagues=No Freedom of Speech

I did a little investigating about your claim of defamation. Seems that Ed has been through many legal battles because of people like you. It also seems that he wins these legal battles because here in America we have a thing called freedom of speech. Maybe you don't get it since you don't live in America? It's a shame that people get ripped off everyday and I'm glad there are sites like

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Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
RE: Ripoffreport .com is being shut down by the Interne... - 2/5/2007 7:02:23 AM   

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From: If I told you, I'd have to eliminate you.
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ORIGINAL: karlkesser

Ripoffreport .com is really down.
Internet Defamation league is kicking thier ass.

Interesting that I can still get into their site..........
RE: Ripoffreport .com is being shut down by the Interne... - 8/16/2007 3:29:12 AM   


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I think this is a good venue to air the grievances of those who have been mistreated by merchants who ply their trades on the internet. It's true the victims may never have justice from the misdeeds committed to them, but least they can warn the others to be wary of such entities.
RE: Ripoffreport .com - 7/17/2008 6:31:37 AM   

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From: Anywhere and Everywhere.......
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This site is up and running and just fine.


Because the night is dark.......and full of terrors.....
RE: Ripoffreport .com - 4/30/2009 6:09:32 AM   


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Ripoffeport is a new technique which is providing relief and justice to the consumers all over the world who are being cheated on net...
RE: Ripoffreport .com is being shut down by the Interne... - 6/21/2009 11:06:01 AM   


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ORIGINAL: bugpuddin


ORIGINAL: karlkesser

Ripoffreport .com is really down.
Internet Defamation league is kicking thier ass.

Interesting that I can still get into their site..........

I guess it is because of his cache
Here is the phone number - 1/15/2010 10:10:28 AM   


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Joined: 1/15/2010
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Here is the phone number : 888-275-2211
RE: - 4/27/2010 4:37:58 PM   


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Items of interest... take a look:
RE: - 5/16/2011 11:55:28 PM   

Posts: 9
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that's why i never trust ebay lol
i don't think ebay stands behind their service...

< Message edited by Knightmare -- 5/16/2011 11:56:37 PM >
RE: Here is the phone number - 12/26/2011 12:38:41 AM   


Posts: 11
Joined: 12/20/2011
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Thanks for the phone number. It is direct. I hate knock-offs.
RE: Ripoffreport .com is being shut down by the Interne... - 12/29/2011 1:13:44 AM   


Posts: 5
Joined: 12/28/2011
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Normally Online business depends on faith and goodwill. To share your views about online trade and deals join the community- ****(forum).

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