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RE: Subway Coupons In San Diego

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RE: Subway Coupons In San Diego - 7/26/2007 3:18:42 PM   


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I had one for San Diego... let me find it and get back to you.

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RE: Subway Coupons at Subway - 8/24/2007 11:58:24 AM   


this site is just a gimmick to get you information so it can be spread to spam marketers.
These are great links! - 9/17/2007 6:06:08 PM   


Thanks for posting.
RE: Subway Coupons In Lincoln, Nebraska?? - 10/19/2007 12:10:56 PM   


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I love Subway too!! Any coupons for Nebraska??

Thanks in advance,
RE: Subway Coupons at Subway - 11/23/2007 11:10:20 AM   


Unfortunately, this is not always true. My mom and I had a coupon for two FOOTLONGS! They made them, and when it came time to pay, they said they did not take the coupon. We told them to forget it then, and.... THEY LET US LEAVE!!! Bastards!!
RE: SUbway coupons for MARYLAND - 1/15/2008 11:44:52 AM   


am going to buy subs somewhere else,no coupons to be found,
RE: Subway Coupons In San Diego - 2/23/2008 4:07:18 PM   


Anyone know of any coupons for Spruce Pine,Burnsville or Asheville, N.C.?
RE: SUbway coupons for MARYLAND - 3/11/2008 2:21:26 PM   


Everyone wants something for nothing... get a real job and you could afford it.. what i hate is when cheapskates like you all come into subway and expect more on your sandwhich than what we are supposed to put on them.. and we try to hook up our customers as much as we can... then what do you do.. you throw a lousy penny or two and mostly nothing into a tip jar... well i say if you cant afford to eat there .. stop going there .. next time you go in keep in mind.. by subway standards you get 3 olives per 6 inch and 3 pickles 3 onions and so on and so on... so when someone behind that counter hooks you up.. stop being a tightass and hook them up... its called (you scratch my back i will scratch yours...)
RE: Subway Coupons at Subway - 3/11/2008 2:23:02 PM   


hey dufus... why didnt you ask before they made your sandwhich...duhhh
RE: Subway Coupons In San Diego - 3/21/2008 7:33:49 PM   


There are coupons sold on Ebay From the Entertainment Book! Buy lots and save lots more. COupons come by mail and before you know it you are saving big dollars and getting ther SUbs you want!
$2.00 Off Online Subway Gift Card Purchase - 3/28/2008 11:33:27 PM   


Get $2.00 off the online purchase of a Subway card worth $20 or more at Enter promo code FOOTLONG at checkout.
RE: Subway Coupons at Subway - 6/23/2008 8:24:24 AM   


all coupons aren't valid at all subways
Subway Coupons In Phoenix, AZ - 7/14/2008 2:46:45 PM   


Hi buddies,

Can somebody tell me where I can find the coupons for Phoenix, AZ??
RE: Subway Coupons In illinois - 7/21/2008 2:21:01 PM   


coupons for footlong sandwiches
RE: Subway Coupons at Subway - 9/15/2008 2:04:15 PM   


We eat at Subway at least 3 times a week and we don't seem to be going broke doing it. We are all stay at home moms and it's less than $7 to have lunch there. Sometimes they have footlongs for $5 and thats great we split the footlong and its only $2.50 a sandwich. If you want a coupon buy a newspaper. There are always a full sheet of coupons in them. You cant expect buisnisses to stay profitable if all anyone had to do was print the same coupon over and over and over again.
RE: SUbway coupons for Omaha - 11/12/2008 1:03:25 AM   


Old Market Subway coupon email is great. drop your email address in fishbowl and coupons come to you evry month and can be printed over and over again. Only for the two downtown locations.
RE: Subway Coupons - 12/27/2008 12:20:57 PM   


I would like to know why Subway coupons are not good at all the Subway establishments accross the United States. We had coupons here in Illinois and tried to use them in Indiana and Ohio and they would not accept them. Why? They offered the menu but the clerks would not honor the coupons. A Subway is a Subway and Management needs to get this straightened out Your prompt attention and reply to this will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Lana Eckburg
114 E. Franklin Street
Lanark, Il 61046
RE: Subway Coupons In illinois - 1/8/2009 12:43:16 PM   


Subway should not offer coupons if they don't honor them--especially if you go in one day and they do not honor them but the next day they do. If a Subway does not honor a coupon, fine I understand but don't change your mind the next day because there is a different manager in the store. Get your policies straight. Don't assume that just because the Entertainment or Enjoy Book lists the participating Subways they will honor the coupon when you get there. Subway has no idea what their policies and procedures are so they make them up day to day.
RE: Subway Coupons In illinois - 1/13/2009 3:30:30 PM   


I've noticed that most Subways are not run by corporate, which is where you get into not accepting coups. The people pay for the right to run a Subway restaurant the way a Subway is supposed to be run, but they aren't bound by the deals or coupons that the corporate company offers.
What's worse than a Subway that doesn't accept official... - 1/26/2009 11:00:16 AM   


Q. What's worse than a Subway that doesn't accept official Subway coupons?

A. One that doesn't accept coupons or gift cards.

We have a Subway around the corner from where we live, and we went in the other day to use a new coupon we got (BOGO for 6" subs). After we had ordered $15 worth of food, we found out that the didn't take the coupon... nor did they take the gift card that we were intending to use! We almost (and probably should have) walked out without the food and let them waste it. It was a waste of our time, and because this isn't the first problem we've had with this location, we are never going back there again. :(
RE: Subway Coupons at Subway - 2/7/2009 5:55:55 PM   


RE: Subway Coupons - 2/9/2009 8:23:02 AM   

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Post removed.
RE: $2.00 Off Online Subway Gift Card Purchase - 2/9/2009 8:26:00 AM   

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Post removed.
RE: Subway Coupons In San Diego - 3/15/2009 12:54:11 PM   


Telling a subway location that your going to leave the sandwich, because they will not honor your coupon isn't hurting them. Its called tax write-offs because of dumb ass customers!!!!! & besides the coupons don't say at ALL locations!!!
RE: Subway Coupons at Subway - 4/16/2009 7:27:00 PM   


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